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Possibly Myzinum sp.? - Myzinum - female

Possibly Myzinum sp.? - Myzinum - Female
Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kane County, Utah, USA
August 15, 2002
Size: 26 mm

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- - Myzinum - female Possibly Myzinum sp.? - Myzinum - female

Segment Sizes - (10 Flagellomeres = ♀)
F1 seems to be about equal to F2 and F3. On the other hand, F10 is very long, almost twice as long as F9. Also, the base is longer than the male's, proportionately. (The pedical is the very small, ball-shaped form, at the base of F1.)
Please compare with this image of a male of another species, from Florida. Myzinum maculata: ♂ Male antennae segments (F1 is shorter than F2 and F11 is about equal to F10.)

I see what you are describing. I replaced my antenna image with another, which is hopefully a little easier to see.