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ID Help - Blattella asahinai

ID Help - Blattella asahinai
Palatka, Putnam County, Florida, USA
June 28, 2007

Moved from Blattella. I suspect B. asahinai rather than B. germanica because of the over-all shape of the abdomen (more slender) and light coloration along the margins of the abdominal segments. I don’t think that B. vaga is found in Florida, and the pattern on the pronotum doesn’t quite fit the smoother lines of B. vaga, although I’m not sure that this is diagnostic.

In your area, this is either the Asian Cockroach or the similar-looking German Cockroach; Blattella asahinai or B. germanica, respectively. One easy way to tell them apart is that asahinai can fly, while germanica cannot (See the comments on this page).

Help with Cockroach ID
Where did you find this particular cockroach? Also, the Asian Field Cockroach has an angled black mark and a straight black mark on its hood, not two straight ones. I think the rt one is angled but I'd have to look at a detailed description to make sure.

Moved to genus level. I'll see if I can find it tonight and see if it flies or not. Thanks for the ID.

Asian roaches....
Asian roaches are also attracted to lights at night, if I recall correctly, something the domicile-inhabiting German does not do.