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Mite Hosts

We have many mites, perhaps more than 200, on their respective host pages rather than the Acari. It may be a good idea to list them together in one place. I hope this will help some mite experts who could take a look here and help us ID some of them. Granted that many of the images here are impossible to ID but others could perhaps be moved from host to a more appropriate page. This works well when several images are included and the close-up of the mite can go to a more appropriate place. Several contributors have done so already.


Pseudanthonomus validus and Leptus

Copris and Macrocheles

Polyphylla variolosa and Mesostigmata

Oiceoptoma noveboracense and Poecilochirus

I encourage contributors to submit several images when finding insects with mite on them and to get the best close-up possible of the mite.

Here are a few in which the close-up could be moved from the beetle page to Acari:

Nicrophorus (Sexton Beetles)

Nicrophorus orbicollis (Roundneck Sexton Beetle)







Wonderful idea. I absolutely agree. So many mite photos are hiding away in the host data. I'll try to chip away at this... but ultimately it will come down to the contributors. Thank you for the suggestion and for compiling this list.

Hi Beatriz ..... are you wanting more photos that show mites? I have several, but usually don't submit them to Bug Guide because I realize an i.d. is next to impossible from a photo. I have them on water scorpions, damselflies, dragonflies (several), bumble bees, ....
I already have a couple in Bug Guide
#1132292 on Nicrophorus defodiens
#1106844 on Andrena

Go ahead and post more pictures. Maybe some day we'll have somebody who can sort them up, may be by host. I suppose that we need better closeups, but not everybody has such powerful cameras. I don't.
Let me know when you post them, so I can add them to this series.