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Unknown caterpillars  (DCP86) - Nematus ventralis

Unknown caterpillars (DCP86) - Nematus ventralis
Great Falls NP, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
June 30, 2007
Size: 1-11/4 inches
Appreciate ID; dozen or more on the one bush.

Moved from Willow Sawflies.

Nematus ventralis Say
A willow sawfly. I've been collecting in Great Falls Park quite a bit the last several years. Where in the park did you find these?

willow sawfly
It's been 2 years so I can't recall the exact location, but it would have been either at the end of the parking lot just past the big trash cans on the left, or about a quarter of a mile up the path where it opens to the river on the right. I do a lot of photography at that spot and in the little swampy area on the left.

Reminds us of
the sawfly larvae in the guide under Nematus - Willow Sawflies, here, and it certainly looks like it could be a willow too!

Certainly looks like the others.