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Tribe Plusiini

Exyra semicrocea (Guenee) in Louisiana
By Vernon Antoine Brou Jr.
Southern Lepidopterists' News, 30: 19-20, 2008

A new Autographa from the Alberta Rockies
By F.H. Wolley Dod
The Canadian Entomologist, 42(11): 349-350, 1910

Guide to the adult and larval Plusiinae of California (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).
By Thomas D. Eichlin
California Department of Agriculture Occasional Paper 21: 1-73, 1975
Eichlin, T.D. 1975. Guide to the adult and larval Plusiinae of California (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). California Department of Agriculture Occasional Paper 21: 1-73 (1-73)

Abrostola parvula, tinctoides, urentis
Adeva albavitta
Anagrapha falcifera
Autographa ampla, biloba, corusca, gamma
ab. [i]californica, labrosa, metallica, pasiphaea, pseudogamma
Autoplusia egena, olivacea
Caloplusia ignea
Chrysaspidia putnami
Plusia aeroides
Polychrisia morigera
Pseudeva palligera
Pseudoplusia includens
Rachiplusia ou

Plusia and allied genera with descriptions of new species
By R. Ottolengui
Journal of the New York Entomological Society 10(2): 57-77, 1902

The Plusiinae (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae) of America north of Mexico, emphasizing genitalic and larval morphology
By Thomas D. Eichlin, Hugh B. Cunningham.
United States Department of Agriculture Technical Bulletin 1567: 1-121, 1978

Notes on the Plusiinae, with descriptions of new species and races.
By R. Ottolengui
New York Entomological Society, 27:117-126., 1919

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The Plusiinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
By Michael G, Pogue
Magnolia Press Zootaxa 1032: 1–28, 2005
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Seventeen species of Plusiinae have been found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in Tennessee and North Carolina, USA. These species are documented with adult images, description, flight period, abundance, elevation range, Park and general distribution, and larval hosts from the literature. Maps illustrate the known distribution of each species within the Park. Sixteen of the 17 species occur above 4,000 feet in elevation. The most diverse locality in the Park has 14 species.

The Moths of America North of Mexico. Fascicle 25.1. Noctuoidea, Noctuidae (part), Plusiinae
By J. Donald Lafontaine, Robert W. Poole
The Wedge Entomological Research Foundation, 1991