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Hemipenthes? - Exoprosopa decora

Hemipenthes? - Exoprosopa decora
Beecher Island, Yuma County, Colorado, USA
June 10, 2016
riparian zone along sandy shored creek named Arikaree River. This really looks like a Hemipenthes, from what I can discern, but none of the species in BugGuide have a wing pattern like this beastie

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Hemipenthes? - Exoprosopa decora Hemipenthes? - Exoprosopa decora Hemipenthes? - Exoprosopa decora

Moved from ID Request.

resembles Exoprosopa decora

Yes, that is it!
I spent nearly an hour perusing Villini, not just Hemipenthes, looking for a match and failed... because I was limiting myself to Villini. Thank you!!

Tribal Distinctions
When looking into the Subfamily Anthracinae, it might save you some time if you first look for the extra cross-vein, near the wing tips, that discriminates the two tribes. (sometimes hidden behind the dark paint, like on your's)
Of course, there are some rare exceptions or odd-balls. (...and sometimes mutants?)
(three pointed swirl) Exoprosopini: ...vs., (long hockey stick) Villini: Good Hunting!

Thanks Bob. That is quite useful, and I like the hockey stick descriptor.
And I have to add: The Blackhawks will be back!!! (born and raised in Chicago, I was)