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Subfamily Cetoniinae - Fruit and Flower Chafers

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea - Scarab, Stag and Bess Beetles
Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Cetoniinae - Fruit and Flower Chafers

Tribe Gymnetini
Genus Cotinis
Species aliena - Cotinis aliena
Species boylei - South Texas Coastal Cotinis
Species mutabilis - Green Fig Beetle
Species nitida - Green June Beetle
Species impia - Cotinis impia
Genus Gymnetina
Species borealis - Gymnetina borealis
Species cretacea - Gymnetina cretacea
Subspecies sundbergi - Gymnetina cretacea sundbergi
Species howdeni - Gymnetina howdeni
Genus Gymnetis
Species thula - Harlequin Flower Beetle
Genus Hologymnetis
Species argenteola - Hologymnetis argenteola
Tribe Cetoniini
Genus Chlorixanthe
Species propinqua - Chlorixanthe propinqua
Genus Euphoria
Species anneae - Euphoria anneae
Species areata - Euphoria areata
Species basalis - Euphoria basalis
Species biguttata - Euphoria biguttata
Species canescens - Euphoria canescens
Species casselberryi - Euphoria casselberryi
Species devulsa - Euphoria devulsa
Species discicollis - Euphoria discicollis
Species fascifera - Euphoria fascifera
Subspecies trapezium - Euphoria fascifera trapezium
Species fulgida - Emerald Euphoria
Subspecies fulgida - Euphoria fulgida fulgida
Subspecies fuscocyanea - Euphoria fulgida fuscocyanea
Subspecies holochloris - Euphoria fulgida holochloris
Species herbacea - Olive Euphoria
Species hirtipes - Euphoria hirtipes
Species histrionica - Euphoria histrionica
Species inda - Bumble Flower Beetle
Species kernii - Kern's Flower Scarab
Species leucographa - Euphoria leucographa
Species levinotata - Euphoria levinotata
Species limbalis - Euphoria limbalis
Species monticola - Euphoria monticola
Species pilipennis - Euphoria pilipennis
Species quadricollis - Euphoria quadricollis
Species schotti - Euphoria schotti
Species sepulcralis - Dark Flower Scarab
Species sonorae - Euphoria sonorae
Species verticalis - Euphoria verticalis
Genus Protaetia
Species fusca - Asian Mango Flower Beetle
Tribe Cremastocheilini
Genus Cremastocheilus - Anteater Scarab Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Cremastocheilus
Species canaliculatus - Cremastocheilus canaliculatus
Species castaneae - Cremastocheilus castaneae
Species harrisii - Cremastocheilus harrisii
Species nitens - Cremastocheilus nitens
Species retractus - Cremastocheilus retractus
Species squamulosus - Cremastocheilus squamulosus
No Taxon subgenus Anatrinodia
Species wheeleri - Cremastocheilus wheeleri
No Taxon subgenus Myrmecotonus
Species angularis - Cremastocheilus angularis
Species armatus - Cremastocheilus armatus
Subspecies montanus - Cremastocheilus armatus montanus
Species crinitus - Cremastocheilus crinitus
Species knochii - Cremastocheilus knochii
Species maritimus - Cremastocheilus maritimus
Species mexicanus - Cremastocheilus mexicanus
Species quadratus - Cremastocheilus quadratus
Species schaumii - Cremastocheilus schaumii
No Taxon subgenus Trinodia
Species hirsutus - Cremastocheilus hirsutus
Species lengi - Cremastocheilus lengi
Species opaculus - Cremastocheilus opaculus
Species planipes - Cremastocheilus planipes
Species quadricollis - Cremastocheilus quadricollis
Species saucius - Cremastocheilus saucius
Species spinifer - Cremastocheilus spinifer
Species constricticollis - Cremastocheilus constricticollis
No Taxon subgenus Macropodina
Species beameri - Cremastocheilus beameri
Species depressus - Cremastocheilus depressus
Species planatus - Cremastocheilus planatus
Genus Genuchinus
Species ineptus - Genuchinus ineptus
Genus Psilocnemis
Species leucosticta - Psilocnemis leucosticta
Genus Lissomelas
Species flohri - Lissomelas flohri
Tribe Osmodermini
Genus Osmoderma
Species eremicola - Osmoderma eremicola
Species subplanata - Osmoderma subplanata
Species scabra - Osmoderma scabra
Tribe Trichiini
Genus Gnorimella
Species maculosa - Gnorimella maculosa
Genus Trichiotinus
Species affinis - Trichiotinus affinis
Species assimilis - Trichiotinus assimilis
Species bibens - Trichiotinus bibens
Species lunulatus - Trichiotinus lunulatus
Species piger - Trichiotinus piger
Species rufobrunneus - Trichiotinus rufobrunneus
Species texanus - Trichiotinus texanus
Species viridans - Trichiotinus viridans
Genus Trigonopeltastes
Species delta - Delta Flower Scarab
Species floridanus - Scrub Palmetto Scarab
Tribe Valgini
Genus Valgus
Species californicus - Valgus californicus
Species canaliculatus - Valgus canaliculatus
Species hemipterus - Valgus hemipterus
Species seticollis - Valgus seticollis