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moth - Euxoa

moth - Euxoa
Salt Lake City, N40°46.727'W111°52.629'ele4609', Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
June 19, 2007
Size: 23mm
ID help appreciated.

for the assisstance. Moth ID causes the same mental fog that advanced calculus or upscale restaurant menus will create for me.

Question, would moth people prefer images with the anterior up to aid in visualizing for ID? Something similar to marine snail people preferring the shell posterior end up.

Underwing Moth
Family Noctuidae, Genera Catocala, sp.?? I have a hard time identifying this genera to species.

This is not a Catacola, but i
This is not a Catacola, but in the genus Euxoa. Tough group to get a species on, maybe inconcinna