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Texas spiders - Argiope argentata

Texas spiders - Argiope argentata
McAllen, Texas, USA
October 21, 2004

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are they bad?
this giant cool spider has been living in my bamboo for 2 months we weren't scared because it never moved but now there are babies and two more big ones. My boyfriend will kill them because he hates spiders but he will wait until i figure out what their deal is! i need info! silver argiope in san diego! thanks!

Not dangerous
They are actually good to have around, keeping other bugs in check. Here's an info page on these spiders that will answer your questions.spider info

Immature Silver Argiope
The shape of the white threads indicates an immature specimen.

Immature Silver Argiope
Those cocentric zigzag white threads caught my attention, I'd never seen that web design before.

The web pattern (a.k.a. stabilimentum), I recall, deters birds from flying into the web. Many immature argiope produce that round design whereas the adults make more linear designs, depending on argiope species.