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Eusapyga verticalis

Eusapyga verticalis
Off Angeles Crest Highway, ~5000 ft, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California, USA
June 24, 2007
Size: ~10 mm
Nectaring in Eriogonum fasciculatum .
ID confirmed by Doug Yanega.

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Eusapyga verticalis Eusapyga verticalis Eusapyga verticalis

Just found another female
of this species, but at Eight Dollar Mountain, Selma, Oregon. Just examined specimen.
Will post photos once I can access my computer at home.

Moved from Sapygid wasps.

The exact intermediate...
Between Sapyga and Polochrum. I wonder which bees are parasitized by this superb, vespid-like, Sapygid. Blessed Golden State, with such a stunning diversity of wasps and bees...

Hi Richard,
just reread your comments and recalled Doug Yanega's remarks. He commented that there are three different genera, each with one sp. in CA, with very subtle differences. Based on the darkness on the wing apex, he thought that Eusapyga verticalis is the most likely candidate.
Please see also a new post from Mt. Pinos, CA:


Thanks to both of you,
John and Richard. Many different insects visited the buckwheat in this spot, just haven't had time to process all of the images.