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Subfamily Syrphinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon "Aschiza"
Family Syrphidae - Hover Flies
Subfamily Syrphinae

Tribe Bacchini
Genus Baccha
Species cognata - Baccha cognata
Genus Melanostoma
Species mellinum - Melanostoma mellinum
Genus Platycheirus
No Taxon subgenus Carposcalis
Species confusus - Platycheirus confusus
Species stegnus - Platycheirus stegnus
Species trichopus - Platycheirus trichopus
No Taxon subgenus Platycheirus
Species coerulescens - Platycheirus coerulescens
Species hyperboreus - Platycheirus hyperboreus
Species nearcticus - Platycheirus nearcticus
Species kelloggi - Platycheirus kelloggi
Species obscurus - Platycheirus obscurus
Species quadratus - Platycheirus quadratus
Species russatus - Platycheirus russatus
Species scambus - Platycheirus scambus
Species scutatus - Platycheirus scutatus
Species thylax - Platycheirus thylax
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Pyrophaena
Species granditarsis - Pyrophaena granditarsis
Species rosarum - Pyrophaena rosarum
No Taxon Platycheirus or Melanostoma
Tribe Syrphini
Genus Allograpta
Species exotica - Allograpta exotica
Species obliqua - Common Oblique Syrphid Fly
Species radiata - Allograpta radiata
No Taxon obliqua or exotica
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Chrysotoxum
Species chinook - Chrysotoxum chinook
Species derivatum - Chrysotoxum derivatum
Species perplexum - Chrysotoxum perplexum
Genus Dasysyrphus
No Taxon larvae and puparia
No Taxon tricinctus group
Species limatus - Dasysyrphus limatus
No Taxon venustus group
Species intrudens - intrudens complex
Species venustus - Dasysyrphus venustus
No Taxon pinastri group
Species creper - Dasysyrphus creper
Species laticaudus - Dasysyrphus laticaudus
Species occidualis - Dasysyrphus occidualis
Species pacificus - Dasysyrphus pacificus
Species pauxillus - Dasysyrphus pauxillus
No Taxon pacificus or pauxillus
Genus Didea
Species alneti - Didea alneti
Species fuscipes - Didea fuscipes
Genus Dioprosopa
Species clavata - Dioprosopa clavata
Genus Doros
Species aequalis - Doros aequalis
Genus Eosalpingogaster
Species cochenillivora - Eosalpingogaster cochenillivora
Species nepenthe - Eosalpingogaster nepenthe
Genus Epistrophe
Species grossulariae - Epistrophe grossulariae
Species nitidicollis - Epistrophe nitidicollis
Species xanthostoma - Epistrophe xanthostoma
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Epistrophella
Species emarginata - Epistrophella emarginata
Genus Eupeodes
No Taxon subgenus Eupeodes
Species volucris - Bird Hover Fly
No Taxon subgenus Metasyrphus
Species americanus - American Hover Fly
Species flukei - Eupeodes flukei
Species fumipennis - Eupeodes fumipennis
Species latifasciatus - Eupeodes latifasciatus
Species montivagus - Eupeodes montivagus
Species perplexus - Eupeodes perplexus
Species pomus - Eupeodes pomus
Species snowi - Eupeodes snowi
No Taxon americanus/pomus group
No Taxon fumipennis/pomus group
No Taxon subgenus Metasyrphus larvae and puparia
Genus Fazia
Species micrura - Fazia micrura
Genus Hybobathus
Species lineatus - Hybobathus lineatus
Genus Hypocritanus
Species fascipennis - Hypocritanus fascipennis
Species lemur - Hypocritanus lemur
Genus Lapposyrphus
Species aberrantis - Lapposyrphus aberrantis
Species lapponicus - Lapposyrphus lapponicus
Genus Leucozona
No Taxon subgenus Ischyrosyrphus
Species velutina - Leucozona velutina
Species xylotoides - Leucozona xylotoides
Species americana - Leucozona (Leucozona) americana
Genus Megasyrphus
Species catalina - Megasyrphus catalina
Species laxus - Megasyrphus laxus
Genus Melangyna
Species arctica - Melangyna arctica
Species coei - Melangyna coei
Species fisherii - Melangyna fisherii
Species labiatarum - Melangyna labiatarum
Species umbellatarum - Melangyna umbellatarum
Genus Meligramma
Species guttata - Meligramma guttata
Species cincta - Meligramma cincta
Genus Meliscaeva
Species cinctella - Meliscaeva cinctella
Genus Nuntianus
Species cubanus - Nuntianus cubanus
Genus Ocyptamus
Species antiphates - Ocyptamus antiphates
Species dimidiatus - Ocyptamus dimidiatus
Species fuscipennis - Ocyptamus fuscipennis
Species gastrostactus - Ocyptamus gastrostactus
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Orphnabaccha
Species jactator - Orphnabaccha jactator
Species coerulea - Orphnabaccha coerulea
Genus Paragus
No Taxon larvae and puparia
No Taxon subgenus Paragus
Species angustifrons - Paragus angustifrons
No Taxon subgenus Pandasyopthalmus
Species haemorrhous - Paragus haemorrhous
Genus Parasyrphus
Species currani - Parasyrphus currani
Species genualis - Parasyrphus genualis
Species relictus - Parasyrphus relictus
Species semiinterruptus - Parasyrphus semiinterruptus
Species tarsatus - Parasyrphus tarsatus
No Taxon semiinterruptus or vockerothi
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Pelecinobaccha
Species costata - Pelecinobaccha costata
Genus Pseudoscaeva
Species diversifasciata - Pseudoscaeva diversifasciata
Genus Salpingogaster
Species punctifrons - Salpingogaster punctifrons
Genus Scaeva
Species affinis - Scaeva affinis
Species selenitica - Scaeva selenitica
Genus Sphaerophoria
Species contigua - Sphaerophoria contigua
Species novaeangliae - Sphaerophoria novaeangliae
Species philanthus - Sphaerophoria philanthus
Species pyrrhina - Sphaerophoria pyrrhina
Species sulphuripes - Sphaerophoria sulphuripes
No Taxon contigua, novaeangliae, pyrrhina, or sulphuripes
Genus Syrphus
Species attenuatus - Syrphus attenuatus
Species knabi - Syrphus knabi
Species opinator - Syrphus opinator
Species rectus - Syrphus rectus
Species ribesii - Syrphus ribesii
Species torvus - Syrphus torvus
Species vitripennis - Syrphus vitripennis
No Taxon larvae and puparia
Genus Toxomerus
Species boscii - Toxomerus boscii
Species corbis - Toxomerus corbis
Species dispar - Toxomerus dispar
Species floralis - Toxomerus floralis
Species geminatus - Eastern Calligrapher
Species jussiaeae - Toxomerus jussiaeae
Species marginatus - Toxomerus marginatus
Species mutuus - Toxomerus mutuus
Species occidentalis - Toxomerus occidentalis
Species parvulus - Toxomerus parvulus
Species politus - Toxomerus politus
Species verticalis - Toxomerus verticalis
No Taxon Unidentified Florida Individuals
No Taxon unidentified larvae and puparia
Genus Victoriana
Species attenuata - Victoriana attenuata
Species parvicornis - Victoriana parvicornis
Genus Xanthogramma
Species flavipes - Xanthogramma flavipes
No Taxon Syrphus or Parasyrphus or Epistrophe or Eupeodes
No Taxon unidentified immatures of Meligramma or Melangyna
No Taxon unidentified immatures of Didea or Megasyrphus
No Taxon other unidentified immatures - Syrphini
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages