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Cuckoo Bee8923 - Nomada imbricata - female

Cuckoo Bee8923 - Nomada imbricata - Female
Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
June 10, 2007
Cuckoo Bee? Looks similar to image I found in the guide in the genus Nomada.

almost two inches
... I see these flying around here in Vegas , looks JUST like this one , ALMOST TWO INCHES IN LENGTH ... saw one fly of with a buzzing cicada yesterday , it dropped it and the cat grabbed it and ate it two seconds flat

.. thing is this doesn't look like the cicada killers i see everywhere else ( in pics ) , so not sure if i should beware or not

... anybody ??

carpender bee killers
i live in georiga and i think this is what ive been seeing, there 3inches here and they eat carpender bees, i not shure exactly if this is the same animal because the ones here look more like freaky halph bee halph wasps.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Time to update your map of where this is found. I woke up this morning to find something that looked just like this in my kitchen... about 2.5 inches long and not happy.

Not sure...
Not sure what would get that big but some of the paper wasps might appear pretty big in you kitchen. Nomada imbricata is comparatively small, under a half inch.

Moved from Nomada.

Nomada imbricata