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Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

National Moth Week 2020 photos of insects and people.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Suborder Sternorrhyncha - Plant-parasitic Hemipterans

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Sternorrhyncha - Plant-parasitic Hemipterans

Superfamily Aleyrodoidea
Family Aleyrodidae - Whiteflies
Subfamily Aleurodicinae
Genus Aleurodicus
Species dugesii - Giant Whitefly
Genus Paraleyrodes - Nesting Whiteflies
Subfamily Aleyrodinae
Genus Aleurocanthus
Species woglumi - Citrus Blackfly
Genus Aleurochiton
Species forbesii - Aleurochiton forbesii
Genus Aleuroparadoxus
Species iridescens - Aleuroparadoxus iridescens
Genus Aleuroplatus
Species coronata - Crown Whitefly
Species gelatinosus - Aleuroplatus gelatinosus
Species incisus - Aleuroplatus incisus
Genus Aleuropleurocelus
Species nigrans - Aleuropleurocelus nigrans
Genus Aleurothrixus
Species floccosus - Woolly Whitefly
Genus Aleurotrachelus
Genus Bemisia
Species argentifolii - Silverleaf Whitefly
Genus Dialeurodes
Species citri - Citrus Whitefly
Genus Pealius
Species kelloggi - Pealius kelloggi
Genus Singhiella
Species simplex - Ficus Whitefly
Genus Siphoninus
Species phillyreae - Ash Whitefly
Genus Tetraleurodes
Species mori - Mulberry Whitefly
Species perileuca - Tetraleurodes perileuca
Genus Trialeurodes
Species abutiloneus - Banded-winged Whitefly
Species pergandei - Trialeurodes pergandei
Species vaporariorum - Greenhouse Whitefly
Superfamily Aphidoidea
Family Aphididae - Aphids
Subfamily Anoeciinae
Genus Anoecia
Species corni - Dogwood Aphid
Subfamily Aphidinae
Tribe Aphidini
Subtribe Aphidina
Genus Aphis
No Taxon Subgenus Aphis
Species asclepiadis - Aphis asclepiadis
Species carduella - Aphis carduella
Species ceanothi - Aphis ceanothi
Species cephalanthi - Aphis cephalanthi
Species chloris - Aphis chloris
Species coreopsidis - Aphis coreopsidis
Species cornifoliae - Aphis cornifoliae
Species craccae - Aphis craccae
Species craccivora - Cowpea Aphid
Species fabae - Black Bean Aphid
Species farinosa - Aphis farinosa
Species folsomii - Aphis folsomii
Species forbesi - Strawberry Root Louse
Species glycines - Soybean Aphid
Species gossypii - Cotton Aphid
Species hederae - Ivy Aphid
Species illinoisensis - Grapevine Aphid
Species lupini - Aphis lupini
Species maculatae - Spotted Poplar Aphid
Species nasturtii - Buckthorn Aphid
Species neogillettei - Aphis neogillettei
Species nerii - Oleander Aphid
Species oestlundi - Aphis oestlundi
Species pawneepae - Aphis pawneepae
Species pomi - Apple Aphid
Species pulchella - Aphis pulchella
Species rubifolii - Aphis rubifolii
Species rumicis - Dock Aphid
Species sambuci - Elder Aphid
Species spiraecola - Spirea Aphid
Species spiraephila - Aphis spiraephila
Species thalictri - Aphis thalictri
Species urticata - Aphis urticata
Species vernoniae - Aphis vernoniae
Species verbasci - Mullein aphid
Species viburniphila - American viburnum aphid
No Taxon Subgenus Bursaphis
Species varians - Aphis varians
No Taxon subgenus Zyxaphis
No Taxon Subgenus Toxoptera
Species aurantii - Black citrus aphid
Genus Brachyunguis
Species bonnevillensis - Brachyunguis bonnevillensis
Genus Braggia
Species longicauda - Braggia longicauda
Genus Protaphis
Species middletonii - Protaphis middletonii
Genus Sanbornia
Species juniperi - Sanbornia juniperi
Subtribe Rhopalosiphina
Genus Hyalopterus
Species pruni - Mealy Plum Aphid
Genus Melanaphis
Species bambusae - Bamboo aphid
Species donacis - Giant Reed Aphid
Species sacchari - Sugarcane Aphid
Genus Pseudasiphonaphis
Species corni - Pseudasiphonaphis corni
Genus Rhopalosiphum
Species enigmae - Rhopalosiphum enigmae
Species maidis - Corn leaf aphid
Species nymphaeae - Waterlily Aphid
Species padi - Bird Cherry Oat Aphid
Species rufiabdominale - Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale
Genus Schizaphis
Species graminum - Greenbug
Tribe Macrosiphini
Genus Abstrusomyzus
Species phloxae - Abstrusomyzus phloxae
Genus Acuticauda
Species solidaginifoliae - Acuticauda solidaginifoliae
Genus Acyrthosiphon
Species lactucae - Acyrthosiphon lactucae
Species macrosiphum - Acyrthosiphon macrosiphum
Species pisum - Pea Aphid
Genus Amphorophora
No Taxon Subgenus Amphorophora
Species ampullata - Amphorophora ampullata
Species agathonica - Large Raspberry Aphid
Genus Aphthargelia
Species symphoricarpi - Aphthargelia symphoricarpi
Genus Aulacorthum
Species solani - Foxglove Aphid
Genus Brachycaudus
Species cardui - Thistle Aphid
Species helichrysi - Leafcurl Plum Aphid
Species tragopogonis - Brachycaudus tragopogonis
Genus Brevicoryne
Species brassicae - Mealy Cabbage Aphid
Genus Capitophorus
Species elaeagni - Artichoke Aphid
Species hippophaes - Polygonum Aphid
Species shepherdiae - Capitophorus shepherdiae
Genus Carolinaia
No Taxon Subgenus Glabromyzus
Species howardii - Carolinaia howardii
Species rhois - Carolinaia rhois
Genus Catamergus
Species kickapoo - Catamergus kickapoo
Genus Cavariella
No Taxon Subgenus Cavariella
Species konoi - Cavariella konoi
Genus Cedoaphis
Species incognita - Cedoaphis incognita
Genus Ceruraphis
Species viburnicola - Snowball aphid
Species eriophori - Ceruraphis eriophori
Genus Chaetosiphon
No Taxon Subgenus Pentatrichopus
Species thomasi - Chaetosiphon thomasi
Genus Corylobium
Species avellanae - Hazelnut aphid
Genus Cryptomyzus
Genus Dysaphis
Genus Epameibaphis
Genus Ericaphis
Species gentneri - Ericaphis gentneri
Genus Eucarazzia
Species elegans - Mint aphid
Genus Gypsoaphis
Species oestlundi - Gypsoaphis oestlundi
Genus Hayhurstia
Species atriplicis - Chenopodium Aphid
Genus Hyadaphis
Species coriandri - Coriander aphid
Species foeniculi - Fenel Aphid
Species tataricae - Honeysuckle Aphid
Genus Hyalomyzus
Species eriobotryae - Hyalomyzus eriobotryae
Genus Hyperomyzus
No Taxon Subgenus Hyperomyzus
Species pallidus - Hyperomyzus pallidus
Species lactucae - Blackcurrant--Sowthistle Aphid
No Taxon Subgenus Neonasonovia
Genus Illinoia
Species crystleae - Illinoia crystleae
Species liriodendri - Tuliptree Aphid
Species maxima - Illinoia maxima
Species menziesiae - Illinoia menziesiae
Species morrisoni - Illinoia morrisoni
Species rubicola - Illinoia rubicola
Species spiraecola - Illinoia spiraecola
Genus Liosomaphis
Species berberidis - Barberry Aphid
Genus Lipaphis
Species pseudobrassicae - Turnip Aphid
Genus Longicaudus
Species trirhodus - Longicaudus trirhodus
Genus Macrosiphoniella
Species glabra - Macrosiphoniella glabra
Species ludovicianae - Macrosiphoniella ludovicianae
Species millefolii - Macrosiphoniella millefolii
Species sanborni - Chrysanthemum Aphid
Species tanacetaria - Tansy Aphid
Genus Macrosiphum
Species albifrons - Lupine aphid
Species badium - Macrosiphum badium
Species californicum - Macrosiphum californicum
Species clydesmithi - Macrosiphum clydesmithi
Species coryli - Macrosiphum coryli
Species creelii - Macrosiphum creelii
Species euphorbiae - Potato Aphid
Species gaurae - Macrosiphum gaurae
Species impatientis - Macrosiphum impatientis
Species kiowanepus - Macrosiphum kiowanepus
Species lilii - Purple-spotted Lily Aphid
Species mentzeliae - Macrosiphum mentzeliae
Species olmsteadi - Macrosiphum olmsteadi
Species oregonense - Macrosiphum oregonense
Species parvifolii - Macrosiphum parvifolii
Species pseudocoryli - Macrosiphum pseudocoryli
Species ptericolens - Macrosiphum ptericolens
Species rhamni - Macrosiphum rhamni
Species rosae - Rose Aphid
Species rudbeckiarum - Macrosiphum rudbeckiarum
Species salviae - Macrosiphum salviae
Species tuberculaceps - Macrosiphum tuberculaceps
Species violae - Macrosiphum violae
Species willamettense - Macrosiphum willamettense
Species zionense - Macrosiphum zionense
Genus Metopolophium
Species dirhodum - Rose-Grain Aphid
Genus Microparsus
Species olivei - Microparsus oliviae
Species tephrosiae - Microparsus tephrosiae
Species variabilis - Microparsus variabilis
Genus Microsiphoniella
Species acophorum - Microsiphoniella acophorum
Genus Myzaphis
Species rosarum - Lesser Rose Aphid
Genus Myzus
Species cerasi - Black Cherry Aphid
Species lythri - Myzus lythri
Species persicae - Green Peach Aphid
Genus Nasonovia
Species aquilegiae - Nasonovia aquilegiae
Species wahinkae - Nasonovia wahinkae
Genus Nearctaphis
Genus Neomyzus
Species circumflexus - Crescent-Marked Lily Aphid
Genus Neotoxoptera
Species formosana - Onion aphid
Genus Obtusicauda
Genus Phorodon
Species cannabis - Cannabis Aphid
Species humuli - Hop Aphid
Genus Pleotrichophorus
Species gnaphalodes - Pleotrichophorus gnaphalodes
Genus Plocamaphis
Species flocculosa - Plocamaphis flocculosa
Genus Pseudoepameibaphis
Genus Pterocomma
Species bicolor - Reddish Brown Willow Bark Aphid
Species populeum - Pterocomma populeum
Species rufipes - Pterocomma rufipes
Species salicis - Pterocomma salicis
Genus Rhopalomyzus
Species lonicerae - Rhopalomyzus lonicerae
Genus Rhopalosiphoninus
Species latysiphon - Bulb‑and‑Potato Aphid
Genus Sitobion
Species avenae - English Grain Aphid
Species luteum - Orchid Aphid
Species niwanistum - Sitobion niwanistum
Genus Staticobium
Genus Uroleucon
No Taxon Subgenus Uroleucon
Species adenocaulonae - Uroleucon adenocaulonae
Species ambrosiae - Brown Ambrosia Aphid
Species cirsii - Large Thistle Aphid
Species eupatoricolens - Uroleucon eupatoricolens
Species nigrotuberculatum - Red Goldenrod Aphid
Species obscuricaudatum - Uroleucon obscuricaudatum
Species picridis - Large Oxtongue Aphid
Species pseudambrosiae - Uroleucon pseudambrosiae
Species rudbeckiae - Goldenglow Aphid
Species sonchellum - Uroleucon sonchellum
Species sonchi - Uroleucon sonchi
No Taxon Subgenus Lambersius
Species erigeronense - Uroleucon erigeronense
No Taxon Subgenus Uromelan
Species helianthicola - Uroleucon helianthicola
Species rurale - Uroleucon rurale
Species taraxaci - Uroleucon taraxaci
Species illini - Uroleucon illini
Species tuataiae - Uroleucon tuataiae
Species verbesinae - Uroleucon verbesinae
Genus Utamphorophora
Species crataegi - Four-spotted Hawthorn Aphid
Genus Wahlgreniella
Genus Vesiculaphis
Species caricis - Vesiculaphis caricis
Subfamily Calaphidinae
Tribe Calaphidini
Subtribe Monaphidina
Genus Monaphis
Species antennata - Monaphis antennata
Subtribe Calaphidina
Genus Betulaphis
Genus Calaphis
Species betulaecolens - Common Birch Aphid
Species betulella - Calaphis betulella
Species flava - Calaphis flava
Species leonardi - Calaphis leonardi
Species neobetulella - Calaphis neobetulella
Genus Callipterinella
Species calliptera - Callipterinella calliptera
Genus Euceraphis
Species gillettei - Euceraphis gillettei
Species mucida - Euceraphis mucida
Species papyrifericola - Euceraphis papyrifericola
Species punctipennis - European Birch Aphid
Genus Oestlundiella
Species flava - Oestlundiella flava
Genus Symydobius
Species americanus - Symydobius americanus
Tribe Panaphidini
Subtribe Panaphidina
Genus Appendiseta
Species robiniae - Black Locust Aphid
Genus Eucallipterus
Species tiliae - Linden Aphid
Genus Ctenocallis
Species setosa - Broom hedgehog aphid
Genus Melanocallis
Species caryaefoliae - Black Pecan Aphid
Genus Monellia
Species microsetosa - Monellia microsetosa
Species caryella - Blackmargined Pecan Aphid
Genus Monelliopsis
Species caryae - Monelliopsis caryae
Species pecanis - Yellow Pecan Aphid
Genus Panaphis
Species juglandis - Dusky-veined walnut aphid
Genus Protopterocallis
Genus Pterocallis
Species alnifoliae - Pterocallis alnifoliae
Genus Sarucallis
Species kahawaluokalani - Crapemyrtle Aphid
Genus Shivaphis
Species celti - Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphid
Genus Takecallis - Bamboo Aphids
Species arundinariae - Takecallis arundinariae
Genus Therioaphis
No Taxon Subgenus Therioaphis
Species tenera - Therioaphis tenera
No Taxon Subgenus Rhizoberlesia
Species riehmi - Sweet Clover Aphid
No Taxon Subgenus Pterocallidium
Species trifolii - Yellow Clover Aphid
Genus Tinocallis
Species ulmifolii - elm leaf aphid
Subtribe Myzocallidina
Genus Lachnochaitophorus
Species querceus - Lachnochaitophorus querceus
Genus Hoplochaitophorus
Species quercicola - Hoplochaitophorus quercicola
Genus Myzocallis
No Taxon Subgenus Castaneomyzocallis
Species castaneae - Myzocallis castaneae
No Taxon Subgenus Myzocallis
Species coryli - Myzocallis coryli
No Taxon Subgenus Lineomyzocallis
Species granovskyi - Myzocallis granovskyi
Species walshii - Myzocallis walshii
No Taxon Subgenus Neomyzocallis
Species asclepiadis - Myzocallis asclepiadis
Species punctatus - Myzocallis punctatus
Species tuberculata - Myzocallis tuberculata
Genus Neosymydobius
Species albasiphus - Neosymydobius albasiphus
Species paucisetosus - Neosymydobius paucisetosus
Genus Tuberculatus
Species pallidus - Tuberculatus pallidus
Subfamily Chaitophorinae
Genus Chaitophorus
Species neglectus - Chaitophorus neglectus
Species nigrae - Chaitophorus nigrae
Species nigricentrus - Chaitophorus nigricentrus
Species nudus - Chaitophorus nudus
Species pallipes - Chaitophorus pallipes
Species populicola - Poplar Leaf Aphid
Species populifolii - Chaitophorus populifolii
Species stevensis - Chaitophorus stevensis
Species viminalis - Chaitophorus viminalis
Species viminicola - Chaitophorus viminicola
Genus Periphyllus - Maple aphids
Species lyropictus - Norway Maple Aphid
Species negundinis - Boxelder Aphid
Species testudinaceus - Common Maple Aphid
Genus Sipha
Species flava - Yellow Sugarcane Aphid
Species maydis - Hedgehog Grain Aphid
Subfamily Drepanosiphinae
Genus Drepanosiphum
Species plantanoidis - Common Sycamore Aphid
Species oregonensis - Drepanosiphum oregonensis
Genus Drepanaphis
Species acerifoliae - Painted Maple Aphid
Species idahoensis - Drepanaphis idahoensis
Species monelli - Drepanaphis monelli
Subfamily Eriosomatinae - Woolly Aphids and Gall-making Aphids
Tribe Eriosomatini
Genus Colopha
Species graminis - Colopha graminis
Species ulmicola - Elm Cockscomb Aphid
Genus Eriosoma
Species americanum - Woolly Elm Aphid
Species lanigerum - Woolly Apple Aphid
Genus Kaltenbachiella
Species ulmifusa - Slippery Elm Gall Aphid
Genus Tetraneura
Species ulmi - Elm Sack Gall Aphid
Species nigriabdominalis - Tetraneura nigriabdominalis
Tribe Fordini
Genus Forda
Genus Melaphis
Species asafitchi - Melaphis asafitchi
Species rhois - Sumac Gall Aphid
Genus Smynthurodes
Species betae - Smynthurodes betae
Tribe Pemphigini
Genus Grylloprociphilus
Species imbricator - Beech Blight Aphid
Genus Mordwilkoja
Species vagabunda - Mordwilkoja vagabunda
Genus Neoprociphilus
Species aceris - Woolly Maple Aphid
Genus Patchiella
Species reaumuri - Taro root aphid
Genus Pachypappa
Species pseudobyrsa - Pachypappa pseudobyrsa
Genus Pemphigus
Species spyrothecae - Poplar Spiral-gall Aphid
Species populitransversus - Poplar Petiolegall Aphid
Species populicaulis - Pemphigus populicaulis
Genus Prociphilus
Species caryae - Prociphilus caryae
Species fraxinifolii - Prociphilus fraxinifolii
Species tessellatus - Woolly Alder Aphid
Subfamily Greenideinae
Genus Greenidea
Species psidii - Greenidea psidii
Subfamily Hormaphidinae - Witch Hazel Gall Aphids and Palm Aphids
Genus Cerataphis
Species orchidearum - Fringed Orchid Aphid
Genus Hamamelistes
Species spinosus - Spiny Witch Hazel Gall Aphid
Genus Hormaphis
Species hamamelidis - Witch Hazel Cone Gall Aphid
Subfamily Lachninae - Giant Aphids
Tribe Tramini
Genus Trama
No Taxon Subgenus Trama
Species rara - Dandelion root aphid
Tribe Eulachnini
Genus Cinara - Giant Conifer Aphids
No Taxon Subgenus Schizolachnus
No Taxon Subgenus Cinara
Species curvipes - Bow-legged fir aphid
Species fornacula - Green Spruce Aphid
Species hottesi - Blue-black Spruce Giant-Aphid
Species laricifex - Black Larch Aphid
Species pergandei - Globose Pine Giant-aphid
Species pilicornis - Spruce Shoot Giant-aphid
Species pinea - Pine Aphid
Species strobi - White Pine Aphid
Genus Essigella
Genus Eulachnus
Species rileyi - Eulachnus rileyi
Tribe Lachnini
Genus Longistigma
Species caryae - Giant Bark Aphid
Genus Maculolachnus
Genus Tuberolachnus
Species salignus - Giant Willow Aphid
Subfamily Mindarinae
Genus Mindarus
Species abietinus - Balsam Twig Aphid
Subfamily Neophyllaphidinae
Genus Neophyllaphis
Species podocarpi - Podocarpus Aphid
Species varicolor - Neophyllaphis varicolor
Subfamily Phyllaphidinae
Genus Phyllaphis
Species grandifoliae - Phyllaphis grandifoliae
Species fagi - Woolly Beech Aphid
Genus Stegophylla
Subfamily Saltusaphidinae
Genus Iziphya
Genus Thripsaphis
Species cyperi - Thripsaphis cyperi
Subfamily Tamaliinae
Genus Tamalia
Species coweni - Manzanita Leaf Gall Aphid
Species dicksoni - Tamalia dicksoni
Species inquilinus - Tamalia inquilinus
Species pallida - Tamalia pallida
No Taxon Eggs
No Taxon Killed by Fungus
No Taxon Males
No Taxon Nymphs
No Taxon Oviparae
No Taxon Parasitized / Mummies
No Taxon non-native aphid spp. not yet in the guide
Superfamily Coccoidea - Scales and Mealybugs
Family Aclerdidae
Genus Nipponaclerda
Species biwakoensis - Nipponaclerda biwakoensis
Genus Aclerda
Family Asterolecaniidae
Genus Russellaspis
Species pustulans - Russellaspis pustulans
Family Cerococcidae - Ornate Pit Scale Insects
Genus Cerococcus
Species quercus - Oak Wax Scale
Family Coccidae - Soft Scale Insects
Genus Ceroplastes - Wax Scales
Species cirripediformis - Barnacle Scale
Species rusci - Fig Scale
Species rubens - Red Wax Scale
Species sinensis - Chinese Wax Scale
Genus Coccus
Species viridis - Green Scale
Species longulus - Long Brown Scale
Species hesperidum - Brown Soft Scale
Genus Eucalymnatus
Species tessellatus - Tessellated Scale
Genus Eulecanium
Species kunoense - Kuno scale
Genus Luzulaspis
Genus Milviscutulus
Species mangiferae - Mango Shield Scale
Genus Neolecanium
Species cornuparvum - Magnolia Scale
Genus Parthenolecanium
Species quercifex - Oak Lecanium Scale
Genus Phalacrococcus
Species howertoni - Phalacrococcus howertoni
Genus Prococcus
Species acutissimus - Banana-shaped Scale
Genus Protopulvinaria
Species pyriformis - Pyriform Scale
Genus Pseudokermes
Species vitreus - Glassy Scale
Genus Pulvinaria - Cottony Scales
Species acericola - Cottony Maple Leaf Scale
Species floccifera - Cottony Camellia Scale
Species innumerabilis - Cottony Maple Scale
Species vitis - Cottony Grape Scale
Genus Pulvinariella
Species mesembryanthemi - Iceplant Scale
Genus Saissetia
Species coffeae - Hemispherical Scale
Genus Toumeyella
Species liriodendri - Tuliptree Scale
Species mirabilis - Toumeyella mirabilis
Species parvicornis - Pine Tortoise Scale
Species pini - Striped Pine Scale
Family Dactylopiidae - Cochineal Insects
Genus Dactylopius
Species confusus - Cochineal Bug
Family Diaspididae - Armored Scale Insects
Genus Aonidiella
Species aurantii - California red scale
Genus Aspidiotus
Species destructor - Coconut Scale
Genus Aulacaspis
Species yasumatsui - Cycad Aulacaspis Scale
Genus Carulaspis
Genus Chionaspis
Genus Chrysomphalus
Species aonidum - Florida Red Scale
Genus Fiorinia
Species externa - Elongate Hemlock Scale
Species theae - Tea Scale
Genus Kuwanaspis
Genus Lepidosaphes
Species camelliae - Camellia Scale
Species ulmi - Oystershell Scale
Genus Lindingaspis
Species floridana - Floridana Scale
Genus Pseudaulacaspis
Species cockerelli - False Oleander Scale
Genus Pseudaonidia
Species paeoniae - Peony Scale
Genus Quernaspis
Species quercus - Quernaspis quercus
Genus Unaspis
Species citri - Citrus Snow Scale
Species euonymi - Euonymus Scale
Family Eriococcidae - Felt Scales
Genus Cryptococcus
Species fagisuga - Beech Scale
Genus Eriococcus
Species azaleae - Azalea Bark Scale
Species lagerstroemiae - Crape Myrtle Bark Scale
Genus Gossyparia
Species spuria - European Elm Scale
Genus Ovaticoccus
Species agavium - Felt Scale
Family Kermesidae - Gall-like Scale Insects
Genus Olliffiella
Species cristicola - Olliffiella cristicola
Genus Allokermes
Family Kerriidae - Lac Scales
Family Kuwaniidae
Genus Neosteingelia
Species texana - Giant Pecan Scale
Family Lecanodiaspididae - False Pit Scales
Genus Lecanodiaspis
Species prosopidis - Lecanodiaspis prosopidis
Family Margarodidae - Ground Pearls
Genus Margarodes - Ground Pearls
Family Matsucoccidae
Genus Matsucoccus
Species acalyptus - Pinyon Needle Scale
Family Monophlebidae - Giant Scale Insects
Genus Crypticerya
Species townsendi - Crypticerya townsendi
Species genistae - Crypticerya genistae
Genus Icerya
Species purchasi - Cottony Cushion Scale
Family Ortheziidae - Ensign Scales
Genus Arctorthezia
Genus Insignorthezia
Genus Newsteadia
Genus Nipponorthezia
Species obscura - Nipponorthezia obscura
Genus Orthezia
Species solidaginis - Orthezia solidaginis
Family Phoenicococcidae - Palm Scales
Genus Phoenicococcus
Species marlatti - Red Date Scale
Family Pityococcidae
Genus Pityococcus
Species ferrisi - Pityococcus ferrisi
Species rugulosus - Pityococcus rugulosus
Family Pseudococcidae - Mealybugs
Genus Amonostherium
Species lichtensioides - Sagebrush Mealybug
Genus Antonina
Species pretiosa - Noxious Bamboo Mealybug
Genus Crisicoccus
Species taxodi - Bald Cypress Mealybug
Genus Dysmicoccus
Species wistariae - Taxus Mealybug
Genus Ferrisia
Species virgata - Striped Mealybug
Genus Phenacoccus
Species solani - Solanum Mealybug
Species aceris - Apple Mealybug
Genus Planococcus
Species citri - Citrus Mealybug
Genus Pseudococcus
Species longispinus - Long-tailed Mealybug
Species maritimus - Grape Mealybug
Genus Stemmatomerinx
Species acircula - Stemmatomerinx acircula
Genus Nipaecoccus
Species aurilanatus - Golden Mealybug
Family Putoidae - Giant Mealybugs
Genus Puto
Species cupressi - California Nutmeg Mealybug
Family Steingeliidae
Genus Stomacoccus
Species platani - Stomacoccus platani
Family Xylococcidae
Superfamily Phylloxeroidea
Family Adelgidae
Genus Adelges
Species abietis - Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid
Species cooleyi - Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid
Species laricis - Pale Spruce Gall Adelgid
Species piceae - Balsam Woolly Adelgid
Species tsugae - Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Genus Pineus
Species pinifoliae - Pine Leaf Adelgid
Species similis - Ragged Spruce Gall Adelgid
Species strobi - Pine Bark Adelgid
Family Phylloxeridae
Genus Daktulosphaira
Species vitifoliae - Grape Phylloxera
Genus Parapergandea
Species caryaevenae - Parapergandea caryaevenae
Genus Phylloxera
Species caryaecaulis - Phylloxera caryaecaulis
Species caryaefallax - Phylloxera caryaefallax
Species caryaeglobuli - Phylloxera caryaeglobuli
Species caryaegummosa - Phylloxera caryaegummosa
Species caryaesepta - Phylloxera caryaesepta
Species rileyi - Phylloxera rileyi
Species spinosa - Phylloxera spinosa
Species subelliptica - Phylloxera subelliptica
Species querceti - Phylloxera querceti
Species georgiana - Phylloxera georgiana
Species stellata - Phylloxera stellata
Species texana - Phylloxera texana
Species glabra - Phylloxera glabra
Species perniciosa - Phylloxera perniciosa
Species minima - Phylloxera minima
Species notabilis - Phylloxera notabilis
Species intermedia - Phylloxera intermedia
Species myristica - Phylloxera myristica
Species foveola - Phylloxera foveola
Species tuberculifera - Phylloxera tuberculifera
Species caryaefoliae - Phylloxera caryaefoliae
Species williamsi - Phylloxera williamsi
Species auburnensis - Phylloxera auburnensis
Species symmetrica - Phylloxera symmetrica
Species wiedenmanni - Phylloxera wiedenmanni
Species stoetzelae - Phylloxera stoetzelae
Species russellae - Phylloxera russellae
Species pilosula - Phylloxera pilosula
Species picta - Phylloxera picta
Species paludis - Phylloxera paludis
Species floridana - Phylloxera floridana
Species caryaemagna - Phylloxera caryaemagna
Species falsostium - Phylloxera falsostium
Species killianae - Phylloxera killianae
Species stanfordiana - Phylloxera stanfordiana
Species flavoconica - Phylloxera flavoconica
Species conica - Phylloxera conica
Species caryaeren - Phylloxera caryaeren
Species crypta - Phylloxera crypta
Species deplanata - Phylloxera deplanata
Species davidsoni - Phylloxera davidsoni
Species echinus - Phylloxera echinus
Species chippokesiensis - Phylloxera chippokesiensis
Species devastatrix - Phylloxera devastatrix
Species reticulata - Phylloxera reticulata
Species rimosalis - Phylloxera rimosalis
Species spinuloides - Phylloxera spinuloides
Species castaneae - Phylloxera castaneae
Species caryaeavellana - Phylloxera caryaeavellana
Species bispinae - Phylloxera bispinae
Species caryaescissa - Phylloxera caryaescissa
Species caryaesemen - Phylloxera caryaesemen
Genus Phylloxerina
Species nyssae - Phylloxerina nyssae
Superfamily Psylloidea
Family Aphalaridae
Subfamily Aphalarinae
Genus Aphalara
Species persicaria - Aphalara persicaria
Species monticola - Aphalara monticola
Genus Craspedolepta
Species angustipennis - Craspedolepta angustipennis
Species gutierreziae - Craspedolepta gutierreziae
Species martini - Craspedolepta martini
Species minutissima - Craspedolepta minutissima
Species nebulosa - Craspedolepta nebulosa
Species pulchella - Craspedolepta pulchella
Species schwarzi - Craspedolepta schwarzi
Species suaedae - Craspedolepta suaedae
Species subpunctata - Craspedolepta subpunctata
No Taxon undetermined Artemisia-feeding species group
No Taxon undetermined Ericameria-feeding species group
No Taxon undetermined Solidago-feeding species group
Genus Gyropsylla
Species ilecis - Yaupon Psyllid
Subfamily Spondyliaspidinae
Genus Blastopsylla
Species occidentalis - Eucalyptus Psyllid
Genus Boreioglycaspis
Species melaleucae - Boreioglycaspis melaleucae
Genus Cryptoneossa
Species triangula - Lemon Gum Psyllid
Genus Ctenarytaina
Species eucalypti - Blue Gum Psyllid
Species longicauda - Tristania Psyllid
Species spatulata - Rose Gum Psyllid
Genus Eucalyptolyma
Species maideni - Spotted Gum Lerp Psyllid
Genus Glycaspis
Species brimblecombei - Red Gum Lerp Psyllid
Subfamily Pachypsyllinae
Genus Pachypsylla - Hackberry Psyllids
No Taxon celtidismamma complex
Species celtidisasterisca - Hackberry Star Gall Psyllid
Species celtidismamma - Hackberry Nipplegall Maker
Species celtidisumbilicus - Hackberry Disc Gall Psyllid
Species celtidisvesicula - Hackberry Blister Gall Psyllid
Species cohabitans - Inquiline Hackberry Leaf Gall Psyllid
No Taxon laevigata regular blister gallmaker
Species celtidisgemma - Hackberry Bud Gall Psyllid
Species celtidisinteneris - Hackberry Twig Gall Psyllid
Species pallida - Hairy Bud Gall Psyllid
Species venusta - Hackberry Petiole Gall Psyllid
Genus Tetragonocephala
Species flava - Sugarberry Psyllid
Family Homotomidae
Genus Macrohomotoma
Species gladiata - Curtain Fig Psyllid
Genus Homotoma
Species ficus - Fig Psylla
Family Calophyidae
Genus Calophya
Species californica - Calophya californica
Species flavida - Calophya flavida
Species minuta - Calophya minuta
Species nigripennis - Calophya nigripennis
Species oweni - Calophya oweni
Species schini - Peppertree Psyllid
Species triozomima - Calophya triozomima
Family Liviidae
Subfamily Liviinae
Genus Diclidophlebia
Species fremontiae - Diclidophlebia fremontiae
Genus Livia
Species bifasciata - Livia bifasciata
Species caricis - Livia caricis
Species maculipennis - Livia maculipennis
Species saltatrix - Livia saltatrix
Species vernaliforma - Livia vernaliforma
Species vernalis - Livia vernalis
Subfamily Euphyllurinae
Genus Diaphorina
Species citri - Asian Citrus Psyllid
Genus Euphyllura
Species olivina - Olive psyllid
Genus Neophyllura
Species arbuti - Neophyllura arbuti
Species arctostaphyli - Manzanita Psyllid
Species bicolor - Neophyllura bicolor
Species pruinosa - Neophyllura pruinosa
Family Phacopteronidae
Family Psyllidae
Subfamily Acizziinae
Genus Acizzia
Species acaciaebaileyanae - Acizzia acaciaebaileyanae
Species hakeae - Acizzia hakeae
Species jamatonica - Acizzia jamatonica
Species uncatoides - Acacia Psyllid
Subfamily Aphalaroidinae
Genus Aphalaroida
Species californica - Aphalaroida californica
Species inermis - Aphalaroida inermis
Species masonici - Aphalaroida masonici
Species pithecolobia - Aphalaroida pithecolobia
Species prosopis - Aphalaroida prosopis
Species spinifera - Aphalaroida spinifera
Genus Freysuila
Species dugesii - Freysuila dugesii
Species phorodendri - Freysuila phorodendri
Subfamily Ciriacreminae
Genus Heteropsylla
Species huasachae - Heteropsylla huasachae
Species texana - Mesquite Psyllid
Species flexuosa - Heteropsylla flexuosa
Subfamily Macrocorsinae
Genus Euphalerus
Subfamily Psyllinae
Genus Amorphicola
Species amorphae - Amorphicola amorphae
Species pallida - Amorphicola pallida
Genus Arytaina
Species genistae - Broom Psyllid
Genus Arytainilla
Species spartiophila - Arytainilla spartiophila
Genus Cacopsylla
Species alba - Cacopsylla alba
Species annulata - Cacopsylla annulata
Species brevistigmata - Cacopsylla brevistigmata
Species coryli - Cacopsylla coryli
Species curta - Cacopsylla curta
Species fatsiae - Fatsia Psyllid
Species insignita - Cacopsylla insignita
Species maculata - Cacopsylla maculata
Species magnicauda - Cacopsylla magnicauda
Species mali - Apple Psyllid
Species media - Cacopsylla media
Species negundinis - Boxelder Psyllid
Species nigranervosa - Cacopsylla nigranervosa
Species notapennis - Cacopsylla notapennis
Species pararibesiae - Cacopsylla pararibesiae
Species peregrina - Cacopsylla peregrina
Species pyricola - Pear Psylla
Species quadrilineata - Cacopsylla quadrilineata
Species rara - Cacopsylla rara
Species ribesiae - Currant Psyllid
Species sinuata - Cacopsylla sinuata
Species striata - Cacopsylla striata
Species tenuata - Cacopsylla tenuata
Species tobirae - Pittosporum Psyllid
No Taxon americana complex
Genus Ceanothia
Species bicolor - Ceanothia bicolor
Species boharti - Ceanothia boharti
Species ceanothi - Ceanothia ceanothi
Species essigi - Ceanothia essigi
Species mitella - Ceanothia mitella
Genus Euglyptoneura
Species fuscipennis - Euglyptoneura fuscipennis
Species minuta - Euglyptoneura minuta
Species robusta - Euglyptoneura robusta
Genus Nyctiphalerus
Species jugovenosus - Nyctiphalerus jugovenosus
Species propinquus - Nyctiphalerus propinquus
Species rugipennis - Nyctiphalerus rugipennis
Species vermiculosus - Nyctiphalerus vermiculosus
Genus Pexopsylla
Species cercocarpi - Pexopsylla cercocarpi
Genus Platycorypha
Species nigrivirga - Tipu Psyllid
Genus Psylla
Species betulaenanae - Dwarf Birch Psyllid
Species buxi - Boxwood Psyllid
Species carpinicola - Psylla carpinicola
Species floccosa - Cottony Alder Psyllid
Species sanguinea - Psylla sanguinea
Species viridescens - Psylla viridescens
Genus Purshivora
Species chelifera - Purshivora chelifera
Species pubescens - Purshivora pubescens
Genus Spanioneura
Species fonscolombii - Spanioneura fonscolombii
Subfamily Rhinocolinae
Genus Rhinocola
Species aceris - Rhinocola aceris
Family Triozidae
Genus Bactericera
Species antennata - Bactericera antennata
Species athenae - Bactericera athenae
Species cockerelli - Potato Psyllid
Species californica - Bactericera californica
Species dorsalis - Bactericera dorsalis
Species lavaterae - Bactericera lavaterae
Species lobata - Bactericera lobata
Species maculipennis - Bactericera maculipennis
Species minuta - Bactericera minuta
Species salicivora - Bactericera salicivora
Genus Baeoalitriozus
Species diospyri - Persimmon Psyllid
Genus Calinda
Species collaris - Calinda collaris
Species fumipennis - Calinda fumipennis
Species longicaudata - Calinda longicaudata
Species longistylus - Calinda longistylus
Genus Ceropsylla
Species sideroxyli - False-mastic Psylla
Genus Hemitrioza
Species sonchi - Hemitrioza sonchi
Genus Heterotrioza
Species chenopodii - Heterotrioza chenopodii
Genus Kuwayama
Species medicaginis - Kuwayama medicaginis
Genus Lauritrioza
Species alacris - Bay Sucker
Genus Leuronota
Species maculata - Leuronota maculata
Genus Metatrioza
Species neotriozella - Metatrioza neotriozella
Genus Neotriozella
Species pyrifolii - Neotriozella pyrifolii
Genus Phylloplecta
Species tripunctata - Blackberry Psyllid
Genus Trioza
Species albifrons - Trioza albifrons
Species aylmeriae - Trioza aylmeriae
Species bakeri - Trioza bakeri
Species brevigenae - Ficus Leaf-Rolling Psyllid
Species eugeniae - Eugenia Psyllid
Species magnoliae - Red Bay Psyllid
Species mexicana - Trioza mexicana
Species obtusa - Trioza obtusa
Species phoradendri - Trioza phoradendri
Species quadripunctata - Trioza quadripunctata