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Plains Clubtail?  What sex? - Stylurus laurae - male

Plains Clubtail? What sex? - Stylurus laurae - Male
Okemos, Ingham County, Michigan, USA
July 15, 2007

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This is a male Stylurus clubtail, identified largely by its distinctive perching behavior (unless this was a posed photo?) and its frontal thoracic pattern (pale frontal thoracic stripe is disconnected anteriorly and posteriorly). So first off, congrats on the photo! Stylurus can be very difficult to photograph perched!

Going by range and gross coloration, your choices are limited to Arrow Clubtail, Laura's Clubtail, Riverine Clubtail, and Elusive Clubtail. I would say it's not an Arrow Clubtail b/c S9 is not noticeably longer than S8. It's not a Riverine b/c it lacks the 3-pointed pale star on the middorsal anterior part of the thorax. From here, I won't say I'm 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure this is a Laura's Clubtail. Elusive Clubtail would have blue eyes, a different abdominal pattern, and probably not as much yellow laterally on S8.

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