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yellow-faced longhorn - Brachyleptura champlaini

yellow-faced longhorn - Brachyleptura champlaini
London, Ontario, Canada
July 28, 2004
Size: 8-10 mm
Not sure what this is but it was feeding on yarrow (Achillea), as mentioned below the images of the yellow-faced Cosmosalia chrysocoma here although I suppose various flowers are visited. C. chrysocoma is the only Cosmosalia species in Ontario; someone has proposed taxonomic changes here but I'm not sure what they mean: has Cosmosalia been replaced by Lapturobosca?

Cosmosalia ??
I don't know if I would go with Cosmosalia with this one. The picture in Yanega (1996)shows Cosmosalia as being a much more robust sp., looking stouter than this picture. Yanega also lists it as 10-20mm long, bigger than measured for this specimen - also antennae alooks all black.

So what is it? Not sure, but Brachyleptura champlaini has a striped form looking like this in Yanega. It also has banded antennae like this one shows.

I was also thinking maybe Typocerus acuticauda but the antennae does not looked banded in this species.

I agree this one is too small for Cosmosalia. There's 2 Brachyleptura species listed for Ontario (champlaini and rubrica); maybe it's the former, as you suggested.

B. champlaini
This looks like Brachyleptura champlaini that I have seen in Maine but check Yanega and the comments under 26026 and 17189 as well as the Cedar Creek image of B. vagans. What do you think?

B. champlaini
As of 1991, B. vagans had not been recorded in Canada (see PDF doc), and the only other Brachyleptura species recorded in Ontario is rubrica, which this one doesn't seem to be.
This supports the idea that Cedar Creek's image of B. vagans could be a mislabeled B. champlaini.