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Checklist and keys to fireflies of east-central Alabama.
By Lloyd, J.E.
Stridulator 4(3): 9-21., 1990
Cite: 1279033 with citation markup [cite:1279033]
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Lloyd, J.E. 1990. Checklist and keys to fireflies of east-central Alabama. Stridulator 4(3): 9-21.

Subfamily: Lampyrinae
Pleotomus pallens LeConte
Tenaspis angularis Gorham
Pyractomena angulata (Say)
P. angustata LeConte
P. borealis (Randall)
P. dispersa Green
P. lucifera (Melsheimer)
P. marqinalis Green
P. palustris Green
P. similis Green
Ellychnia corrusca (L.)
Phausis reticulata LeConte

Photinus acuminatus Green
P. australis Green
P. brimleyi Green
P. consimilis complex
P. cooki Green
P. ignitus Fall
P. indictus (LeConte)
P. macdermotti Lloyd
P. marginellus LeConte
P. pyralis (L.)
P. sabulosus Green

Pyropyga minuta LeConte
Lucidota atra (G.A. Oliver)
L. punctata (LeConte)

Subfamily: Amydetinae
Pollaclasis bifaria (Say)

Subfamily: Photurinae
Photuris cinctipennis Barber
Photuris FRFV, JEL sp. no. 187
P. frontalis LeConte
P. hebes Barber
P. lucicrescens Barber
P. guadrifulqens Barber
Photuris FC, JEL sp. no. 208
Photuris TN, JEL sp. no. 209
P. tremulans Barber
P. versicolor (Fabricius), sensu Barber
Photuris PU = Barberis "primitive" unnamed

Tentative total (recall complexes, sibling spp. and the like) . . . 38 spp.