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Longhorn Beetle - Knulliana cincta

Longhorn Beetle - Knulliana cincta
South of San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
July 14, 2007
Size: 2 inches
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Some sort of Cerambycidae - Longhorned Beetle? I have seen these a few times around this area, but I've never heard a name for them. Anyone know this guy?

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Longhorn Beetle - Knulliana cincta Longhorn Beetle - Knulliana cincta


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There's something reasonably similar
in the guide here under Knulliana cincta - Banded Hickory Borer, but we don't see the spines on yours and yours looks wider. Don't know if that is from the angle of view or not. Also while these are big, they are more like an inch and a quarter max, so we're guessing your two incher is something different, but maybe something similar. At least this gives you a start while you wait to hear from Ted and Guy.

Ok thanks
Yeah, that makes sense. I'm guessing that it may be some sort of Hickory Borer since it was found just under a large Hickory tree in my drive. Indeed it is a good deal larger than the one you linked, so I'd guess it's a larger relative.
Thanks for the response.

Knulliana cincta is correct...
...everything is bigger in Texas ;-)