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Lipocosma sicalis

Lipocosma sicalis
Sand Springs, Osage County, Oklahoma, USA
July 17, 2007
Size: 1/4"
Please help with ID.

Moved from Frass.

Moved from Lipocosma sicalis.

This is a Lipocosma sicalis, # 4881. The angle and quality of this photo is kind of rough, but fortunately this is a pretty distinctive species.

Yea I know. I'll frass it lat
Yea I know. I'll frass it later. I didn't use the flash so that it wouldn't wash it out because it's white. But, on my camera, if you turn the flash off then the image stabilization turns off also and all I had was a monopod at the time when I should have had my tripod.

Don't frass
Don't frass it, please. This is only the second image of this species for the guide. It's really not that bad. It's just that if it were a more difficult species, it may have been tough without a more direct dorsal view and clearer image. This is still quite valuable to the guide though. I'd like to move it to the species page.

Ok. I still think it's a bad
Ok. I still think it's a bad pic though.
If you want you can put it in the guide and then I'll try to find another one and make a stronger effort at trying to get a better shot. Of course I can't guarantee I'll find another one but I'll try.

By the way, just so you know, I'm really trying to set my standards higher and higher where photography is concerned. Each time I reach a plateau I set another one and work at trying to hit it. I'm not anywhere near where I ultimately want to be and I'm still learning all the time and trying new things but I fear I may have reached the limits this particular camera. So, I am looking at buying a higher end camera and macro lenses.

This pic is more than just a picture. It gives the system data on this species being found in your location in this season, which is pretty important. So it will serve well in the guide.

And your photos are getting better all the time. I meant no offense. Heck, I can take 5 photos of the same moth and 4 will turn out just plain bad. It just happens sometimes. I always say, get the photo you can get and if you happen to have the chance to get a better one then go for it. I'll go ahead and move this one.

Absolutely no offense taken a
Absolutely no offense taken at all. I didn't mean it that way, I was just saying that I'm still trying hard to improve and it drives me nuts when I regress with pics like this.