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Bark Louse - Hemipsocus chloroticus

Bark Louse - Hemipsocus chloroticus
Montrose, Laurens County, Georgia, USA
August 21, 2016
These guys are pretty common in the mid-summer months, but very shy.


This creature is...
Hemipsocus chloroticus. They are real escape artists. How did you get it to hold still?

Escape artists, yes....
This particular species is very difficult to photograph on a good day just because of their size, but they take a perverse pleasure in teasing any poor schmuck that tries to capture them with a camera by constantly stopping long enough to sucker the shooter into setting up the shot only to have the bloody thing move right before releasing the shutter. The reason I was able to do it is quite simple. There was a crowd of 'em and they tend to bunch up together and with other species making it more difficult for them to simply walk which seems to be their favorite tactic.

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