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Bee Fly - Dipalta serpentina - female

Bee Fly - Dipalta serpentina - Female
Lake Waterford, Pasadena, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA
July 15, 2007
Size: ~18mm
There were 7 or 8 of these in a about a square foot area of sparse grass/weeds and sandy open patch in the woods. Another, smaller individual (about half the size) was attempting to land on this one which is why I am indicating a female. There were 5 large indivduals all resting on vegetation and 2 or 3 smaller individuals constantly buzzing about. Is this Dipalta serpentina?

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Dipalta serpentina is possible
but doesn't quite look right to my non-expert eyes; also I'm not comfortable with eastern species. Have you checked the link to Herschel's site on the posted Dipalta serpentina? That would prove too technical for me, and I'd move the post to Bee Flies, then hope. (Note that loads of bee flies have been IDed to genus in recent months.)

Thanks for commenting Ron. I
Thanks for commenting Ron. I did check Herschel's site and that is how I came to the preliminary determination of D. serpentina. I think, judging on wing venation, that this is the closest, but I'm no expert either. I should have taken other views since they were being pretty cooperative.

This is definitely Dipalta. I think the genus needs to be revised, but D. serpentina is a good name for this.

Thank you Joel. Will move to
Thank you Joel. Will move to page.