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Ageniella fulgifrons - male

Ageniella fulgifrons - Male
~3 mi. S. of Alger, Marion Twp., Hardin County, Ohio, USA
July 13, 2007
Size: 13 mm
Male; captured about two Daucus carota flower heads over from the female previously posted. Note the very slender first abdominal tergite, characteristic of males of Ageniellini.

I caught
A male this year and just took it to our museum. Only one other male there. Also note the white 7th abdominal segment. And the pale tibias on one or more legs. The other male A. incita also has a white terminal segment. My male in fulgifrons has cream lines down the inside of both eyes that extends onto the mostly pale clypeus. I am not sure this isn't a variable character as the other male had much less extensive pale areas. I cannot see the extent on your male.