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Arizona Moth - Pygarctia murina

Arizona Moth - Pygarctia murina
Arcadia Campground on Mt. Graham just below 7000 feet., Graham County, Arizona, USA
August 23, 2016
On a sheet with UV black light - this adds Graham County AZ to BG data.

Moved from Euchaetes polingi. Perhaps closer to Pygarctia murina

Moved from Euchaetes perlevis.

The entire top of the head is red
which is wrong for perlevis also

...but possibly right for polingi. Moving it there for now. Thanks for the tip.

Take a look at the description under Euchaetes polingi
Hello, If you get a chance, take a look at the description under Euchaetes polingi. I think that's what you have here. I'm just an enthusiast, not a professional but if you look closely at your observation here you'll see that the wings have a white edge which is hard to see against the light background but it's there. A few other things strike me as that species to but that caught my eye.

I finally got a chance. I believe you may be correct. As also pointed out the unbroken red line behind head may indicate polingi also. Moving this to polingi for now.