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812 Diarsia esurialis [T] 10920 - Diarsia esurialis - female

812 Diarsia esurialis [T] 10920 - Diarsia esurialis - Female
Bay Center 98527 Willapa, Pacific County, Washington, USA
July 18, 2007
Locality: Coastal SW Washington State at the edge of Willapa Bay
Note: I ran this by John Davis. He gave a positive but cautious "seem to match well with Diarsia esurialis". I am relatively sure I finally have a good possiblity for a fit for this specimen now with Diarsia esurialis and urge others to comment. The size shape, etc seem a good fit. The head, snout and big eyes are very similar. Hindwing matches MPG spread specimen. A prior specimen of mine has recieved some discussion with Bob P thinking it might be a Xestia and Robin thinking it Parabagrotis and all seemed to agree it does not really fit well in either. John has some other specimens of this species and I might also and with some expert help perhaps we can remove the [T].