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Crab Spider - Gasteracantha cancriformis

Crab Spider - Gasteracantha cancriformis
Lakeland, Polk County, Florida, USA
May 27, 2007

Crab Spider
Absolutely love this species! Currently have a female that’s been living near my front door for the past few months. Sometimes when I spot a fly in the house, I capture it and place it within the web outside. Very resilient creatures with beautiful markings. I do hope my unofficial pet offsprings reside where she found home. Despite the danger surrounding most Florida spiders, this is one that is completely docile and adorable to have around your garden.

Crab Spider in Delaware
I have seen these in various colors in Delaware hanging out on and around my deck, particularly on the siding.

Now known as
Gasteracantha elipsoides

Don'tcha just love taxonomic endeavors? ;-)

very nice picture!

Siting in Port Orange, FL
We saw one of these on our patio in Port Orange, FL. It was descending on a web from the patio roof. Very interesting!