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Genus Chrysobothris

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Buprestoidea - Metallic Wood Boring Beetles
Family Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles
Subfamily Buprestinae
Tribe Chrysobothrini
Genus Chrysobothris

Species acaciae - Chrysobothris acaciae
Species acutipennis - Chrysobothris acutipennis
Species analis - Chrysobothris analis
Species axillaris - Chrysobothris axillaris
Species azurea - Chrysobothris azurea
Species bacchari - Coyote Bush Buprestid
Species basalis - Chrysobothris basalis
Species beameri - Chrysobothris beameri
Species beyeri - Chrysobothris beyeri
Species bimarginicollis - Chrysobothris bimarginicollis
Species bispinosa - Chrysobothris bispinosa
Species californica - Chrysobothris californica
Species breviloba - Chrysobothris breviloba
Species carinipennis - Chrysobothris carinipennis
Species caurina - Chrysobothris caurina
Species chalcophoroides - Sculptured Oak Borer
Species chlorocephala - Chrysobothris chlorocephala
Species chrysoela - Chrysobothris chrysoela
Species comanche - Chrysobothris comanche
Species costifrons - Chrysobothris costifrons
Species crandalli - Chrysobothris crandalli
Species cribraria - Chrysobothris cribraria
Species cuprascens - Chrysobothris cuprascens
Species cupressicona - Flatheaded Cypress Cone Borer
Species cyanella - Chrysobothris cyanella
Species dentipes - Chrysobothris dentipes
Species deserta - Chrysobothris deserta
Species dolata - Chrysobothris dolata
Species edwardsii - Chrysobothris edwardsii
Species ephedrae - Chrysobothris ephedrae
Species eriogoni - Chrysobothris eriogoni
Species exesa - Chrysobothris exesa
No Taxon femorata species-group
Species fiskei - Chrysobothris fiskei
Species gemmata - Chrysobothris gemmata
Species harrisi - Chrysobothris harrisi
Species hubbardi - Chrysobothris hubbardi
Species humilis - Chrysobothris humilis
Species ignicollis - Chrysobothris ignicollis
Species knulli - Knull's Chrysobothris
Species lateralis - Chrysobothris lateralis
Species leechi - Chrysobothris leechi
Species libonoti - Chrysobothris libonoti
Species lixa - Chrysobothris lixa
Species lucana - Chrysobothris lucana
Species ludificata - Chrysobothris ludificata
Species mali - Pacific Flatheaded Borer
Species merkelii - Merkel Buprestid
Species mescalero - Chrysobothris mescalero
Species micromorpha - Chrysobothris micromorpha
Species monticola - Chrysobothris monticola
Species nelsoni - Chrysobothris nelsoni
Species neopusilla - Chrysobothris neopusilla
Species neotexana - Chrysobothris neotexana
Species nixa - Flatheaded Cedar Borer
Species octocola - Chrysobothris octocola
Species orono - Chrysobothris orono
Species peninsularis - Chrysobothris peninsularis
Species piuta - Chrysobothris piuta
Species prasina - Chrysobothris prasina
Species pseudacutipennis - Chrysobothris pseudacutipennis
Species pseudotsugae - Chrysobothris pseudotsugae
Species pubilineata - Chrysobothris pubilineata
Species purpureoplagiata - Chrysobothris purpureoplagiata
Species purpureovittata - Chrysobothris purpureovittata
Species pusilla - Chrysobothris pusilla
Species quadrilineata - Chrysobothris quadrilineata
Species rossi - Chrysobothris rossi
Species rotundicollis - Chrysobothris rotundicollis
Species scabripennis - Chrysobothris scabripennis
Species scitula - Chrysobothris scitula
Species semisculpta - Chrysobothris semisculpta
Species serripes - Chrysobothris serripes
Species sexfasciata - Chrysobothris sexfasciata
Species sexsignata - Chrysobothris sexsignata
Species sloicola - Chrysobothris sloicola
Species socialis - Chrysobothris socialis
Species speculifer - Chrysobothris speculifer
Species subcylindrica - Chrysobothris subcylindrica
Species texana - Chrysobothris texana
Species tranquebarica - Australian Pine Borer
Species trinervia - Chrysobothris trinervia
Species verdigripennis - Chrysobothris verdigripennis
Species viridicyanea - Chrysobothris viridicyanea
Species vulcanica - Chrysobothris vulcanica
Species westcotti - Westcott's Flathead
Species woodgatei - Chrysobothris woodgatei
No Taxon images that experts were unable to identify to species