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Greater European House Spider - Eratigena duellica

Greater European House Spider - Eratigena duellica
Seattle, King County, Washington, USA
July 22, 2007
Size: body 15mm
There weren't any images for Washington in July...I found this spider underneath a board in my alley. I can't tell if the structure in front of the "head" is a prey item or pedipalps.

Sure it's not a Hobo?
It appears to be a Hobo spider to me. Hard to tell w/o seeing the underside, though. The larger size of the abdomen, lack of design in the speckles on the abdomen (except for the faint little diamond shapes running down the center), as well as only slight color variation on the cephalothorax it really does look like a Hobo.

how can I upload a picture to ask about a spider we found in our house?