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Unidentified Psocoptera - Lepinotus reticulatus

Unidentified Psocoptera - Lepinotus reticulatus
San Nicolas Island, Ventura County, California, USA
September 30, 2016
Size: 2mm


I think you are right
about Lepinotus reticulatus. The winglets tend to fall off.

This looks like it could be...
...Lepinotus reticulatus, Compare to this image:


Moved from ID Request.

Moved to where?
I'm new to BugGuide - I see that the image has been moved from... but where has it been moved to? How do I find this out? Many thanks! F

To Psocodea
Look above the image. You'll see the taxonomy for where it's been placed. In this case: Arthropoda: Hexapoda: Insecta: Psocodea. Click on the info tab to get the guide page for the taxon your image has been moved to. Here, people more familiar with the group will offer a better ID. Welcome to BugGuide!

Just need family...
Also, if I only need an insect ID'd to family, is there a best way to indicate this so it gets no more attention than it needs? I don't want to hassle anyone to take extra time or energy to ID it to species if they can simply take one "quick look" and tell me the family (which is frequently all I need to know).

Ok, but I don't see my image in the new location
Thanks for your response. When I do as you said (click the Info tab) I don't see my image amongst the other images on that page. Should I not see it included there, too, since it is supposed to have been moved there?

Click "images"
The info page just shows a number of random images of psocids from the thousands on the site, so you're unlikely to see yours. The images tab will have yours. To your second question, don't worry about hassling people. It'll get an ID to whatever taxon is possible from this image. As BugGuide is meant not only as an ID service for contributors of images but also as a visual guide to North American arthropods, a better ID is better for the site.

Aha! I see. And I found my image(s). Yay! Thank you kindly. :-)