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Genus Ataenius

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea - Scarab, Stag and Bess Beetles
Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Aphodiinae - Aphodiine Dung Beetles
Tribe Eupariini
Genus Ataenius

Species abditus - Ataenius abditus
Species alternatus - Ataenius alternatus
Species carinator - Ataenius carinator
Species cognatus - Slender Dung Beetle
Species confertus - Ataenius confertus
Species cylindrus - Ataenius cylindrus
Species desertus - Ataenius desertus
Species exiguus - Ataenius exiguus
Species fattigi - Ataenius fattigi
Species gracilis - Ataenius gracilis
Species hesperius - Ataenius hesperius
Species hirsutus - Ataenius hirsutus
Species imbricatus - Ataenius imbricatus
Species inquisitus - Ataenius inquisitus
Species insculptus - Ataenius insculptus
Species lobatus - Ataenius lobatus
Species miamii - Ataenius miamii
Species ovatulus - Ataenius ovatulus
Species picinus - Ataenius picinus
Species platensis - Ataenius platensis
Species puncticollis - Ataenius puncticollis
Species punctifrons - Ataenius punctifrons
Species robustus - Ataenius robustus
Species setiger - Ataenius setiger
Species stephani - Ataenius stephani
No Taxon strigatus species group
Species texanus - Ataenius texanus
Species wenzelii - Ataenius wenzelii
Species apicalis - Ataenius apicalis
Species oklahomensis - Ataenius oklahomensis
Species peregrinator - Ataenius peregrinator