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Agonum? - Agonum extimum

Agonum? - Agonum extimum
3.5 miles S. Willcox, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
September 9, 2016
Size: ~ 10 mm
Came to U/V lights. Especially head and thorax has a dark greenish/blue cast to it. Possible Agonum maybe A. extensicolle? Confirmation/correction, and further placement would be appreciated.

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Agonum? - Agonum extimum Agonum? - Agonum extimum Agonum? - Agonum extimum Agonum? - Agonum extimum

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I think I got it finally-
Agonum extimum, I'm reasonably certain. The entirely setose elytra and ventral body surface distinguish it, along with setose third antennal segment and pale appendages. The third elytral interval is also supposed to have eight to sixteen larger setae in or adjacent to it, that's the only character I can't make out here. Can you confirm that? (This is all from the key in Liebherr 1994)

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I suspect Bembidion.
I suspect Bembidion.

The maxillary palpomeres aren't subulate, though
You can see them well in the ventral image.

I was erroneously focussing on the labial palps, which looked like they might have tiny segments at the end.

I think the hairiness of this one can rule out extensicolle. There's a "green-hirsute morph" of decorum in Arizona, but I don't know if this is it.