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Family Tenthredinidae - Common Sawflies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon "Symphyta" - Sawflies, Horntails, and Wood Wasps
Family Tenthredinidae - Common Sawflies

Subfamily Allantinae
Tribe Allantini
Genus Allantus
Species basalis - Allantus basalis
Species cinctus - Curled Rose Sawfly
Species mellipes - Allantus mellipes
Species nigritibialis - Allantus nigritibialis
Species viennensis - Allantus viennensis
Genus Macremphytus - Dogwood Sawflies
Species lovetti - Macremphytus lovetti
Species semicornis - Macremphytus semicornis
Species tarsatus - Macremphytus tarsatus
Species testaceus - Macremphytus testaceus
Genus Taxonus
Species borealis - Taxonus borealis
Species epicera - Taxonus epicera
Species pallicoxus - Taxonus pallicoxus
Species pallidicornis - Taxonus pallidicornis
Species pallipes - Taxonus pallipes
Species rufocinctus - Taxonus rufocinctus
Species spiculatus - Taxonus spiculatus
Species terminalis - Taxonus terminalis
Tribe Empriini
Genus Ametastegia
Species aperta - Ametastegia aperta
Species articulata - Ametastegia articulata
Species equiseti - Ametastegia equiseti
Species glabrata - Dock Sawfly
Species pallipes - Violet Sawfly
Species tenera - Ametastegia tenera
Genus Aphilodyctium
Species fidum - Aphilodyctium fidum
Genus Empria
Species coryli - Empria coryli
Species maculata - Empria maculata
Genus Haymatus
Species blassus - Haymatus blassus
Genus Monostegia
Species abdominalis - Monostegia abdominalis
Genus Monsoma
Species inferentium - Monsoma inferentium
Species pulveratum - Green Alder Sawfly
Genus Phrontosoma
Species usta - Phrontosoma usta
Species belfragei - Phrontosoma belfragei
Tribe Eriocampini
Genus Dimorphopteryx
Species abnormis - Dimorphopteryx abnormis
Species melanognathus - Dimorphopteryx melanognathus
Species pinguis - Dimorphopteryx pinguis
Species virginicus - Dimorphopteryx virginicus
Genus Eriocampa
Species juglandis - Woolly Butternut Sawfly
Species ovata - Woolly Alder Sawfly
Genus Pseudosiobla
Species excavata - Pseudosiobla excavata
Subfamily Athaliinae
Genus Athalia
Species cornubiae - Athalia cornubiae
Subfamily Blennocampinae
Tribe Blennocampini
Genus Apareophora
Species dyari - Apareophora dyari
Genus Eupareophora
Species parca - Spiny Ash Sawfly
Genus Monophadnoides
Species osgoodi - Monophadnoides osgoodi
Species pauper - Monophadnoides pauper
Species rubi - Raspberry Sawfly
Genus Periclista
Species albicollis - Periclista albicollis
Species diluta - Periclista diluta
Species major - Periclista major
Species marginicollis - Periclista marginicollis
Species media - Periclista media
Tribe Phymatocerini
Genus Ceratulus
Species spectabilis - Ceratulus spectabilis
Genus Eutomostethus
Species luteiventris - Eutomostethus luteiventris
Species ephippium - Eutomostethus ephippium
Genus Monophadnus
Species aequalis - Monophadnus aequalis
Species pallescens - Monophadnus pallescens
Genus Paracharactus
Species niger - Paracharactus niger
Species rudis - Paracharactus rudis
Genus Phymatocera
Species rusculla - Phymatocera rusculla
Genus Stethomostus
Species fuliginosus - Stethomostus fuliginosus
Genus Rhadinoceraea
Species aldrichi - Rhadinoceraea aldrichi
Species nubilipennis - Rhadinoceraea nubilipennis
Tribe Tomostethini
Genus Tethida
Species barda - Black-headed Ash Sawfly
Genus Tomostethus
Species multicinctus - Brown-headed Ash Sawfly
Tribe Waldheimiini
Genus Halidamia
Species affinis - Halidamia affinis
Genus Waldheimia
Species vitis - Waldheimia vitis
Species carbonaria - Waldheimia carbonaria
Subfamily Heterarthrinae
Tribe Caliroini
Genus Caliroa
Species cerasi - Pear Slug Sawfly
Species liturata - Caliroa liturata
Species lorata - Chestnut Sawfly
Species lunata - Caliroa lunata
Species nyssae - Caliroa nyssae
Species obsoleta - Caliroa obsoleta
No Taxon On oak/chestnut; yellow/orange on thorax
Genus Endelomyia
Species aethiops - Roseslug Sawfly
Tribe Fenusini
Genus Fenella
Species nigrita - Fenella nigrita
Genus Fenusa
Species dohrnii - European Alder Leaf-mining Sawfly
Species julia - Fenusa julia
Species pumila - Birch Leaf-mining Sawfly
Species ulmi - Elm Leafminer
Genus Fenusella
Species nana - Early Birch Leaf Edgeminer
Species populifoliella - Fenusella populifoliella
Genus Metallus
Species capitalis - Metallus capitalis
Species lanceolatus - Metallus lanceolatus
Species ochreus - Metallus ochreus
Species rohweri - Metallus rohweri
Genus Nefusa
Species ambigua - Nefusa ambigua
Genus Profenusa
Species alumna - Profenusa alumna
Species canadensis - Hawthorn Leaf Miner
Species thomsoni - Amber-marked Birch Leaf Miner
Genus Prolatus
Species artus - Prolatus artus
Genus Scolioneura
Species vaccinii - Scolioneura vaccinii
Genus Setabara
Species histrionica - Setabara histrionica
Genus Bidigitus
Species platani - Western Sycamore Sawfly
Tribe Heterarthrini
Genus Heterarthrus
Species nemoratus - Late Birch Leaf Edgeminer
Subfamily Nematinae
Tribe Cladiini
Genus Cladius
Species pectinicornis - Bristly Roseslug Sawfly
Genus Priophorus
Species brullei - Priophorus brullei
Species compressicornis - Priophorus compressicornis
Genus Trichiocampus
Species grandis - Poplar Sawfly
Species gregarius - Trichiocampus gregarius
Tribe Dineurini
Genus Dineura
Species militaris - Dineura militaris
Tribe Hoplocampini
Genus Hoplocampa
Species halcyon - Hoplocampa halcyon
Species marlatti - Hoplocampa marlatti
Species testudinea - European Apple Sawfly
Tribe Nematini - Willow Sawflies and allies
Genus Anoplonyx
Species occidens - Anoplonyx occidens
Species canadensis - Anoplonyx canadensis
Genus Caulocampus
Species acericaulis - Caulocampus acericaulis
Genus Craterocercus
Species obtusus - Craterocercus obtusus
Species fraternalis - Craterocercus fraternalis
Genus Euura
Species appalachia - Euura appalachia
Species calais - Euura calais
Species iridescens - Euura iridescens
Species lipovskyi - Euura lipovskyi
Species oligospila - Euura oligospila
Species poecilonota - Euura poecilonota
Species ribesii - Imported Currantworm
Species salicisodoratus - Euura salicisodoratus
Species tibialis - Locust Sawfly
Species ventralis - Euura ventralis
No Taxon Amauronematus
No Taxon Pachynematus
Species aurantiaca - Euura aurantiaca
Species corniger - Euura corniger
Species extensicornis - Euura extensicornis
No Taxon Phyllocolpa
Species leavitti - Euura leavitti
Species robusta - Euura robusta
No Taxon Pikonema
Species alaskensis - Yellow-headed Spruce Sawfly
No Taxon Pontania
Species californica - Willow Apple Gall Sawfly
Genus Hemichroa
Species crocea - Striped Alder Sawfly
Genus Nematus
Species abbotii - Nematus abbotii
Species corylus - Nematus corylus
Species cf-erythrogaster - Nematus erythrogaster, or similar
Species hispidae - Nematus hispidae
Species laticulus - Nematus laticulus
Species latifasciatus - Nematus latifasciatus
Species ostryae - Nematus ostryae
No Taxon Craesus
No Taxon septentrionalis group
Species castaneae - Nematus castaneae
Species curvarius - Nematus curvarius
Species latitarsus - Dusky Birch Sawfly
Genus Pristiphora
Species abbreviata - Pristiphora abbreviata
Species appendiculata - Pristiphora appendiculata
Species banksi - Pristiphora banksi
Species bivittata - Pristiphora bivittata
Species chlorea - Pristiphora chlorea
Species cincta - Pristiphora cincta
Species erichsonii - Larch Sawfly
Species geniculata - Mountain Ash Sawfly
Species litura - Pristiphora litura
Species mollis - Pristiphora mollis
Species rufipes - Columbine Sawfly
Species serrula - Pristiphora serrula
Species siskiyouensis - Pristiphora siskiyouensis
No Taxon Unidentified larvae on Robinia
Tribe Pseudodineurini
Genus Pseudodineura
Species parva - Pseudodineura parva
Subfamily Selandriinae
Tribe Adelestini
Genus Adelesta
Species nova - Adelesta nova
Tribe Aneugmenini
Genus Aneugmenus
Species flavipes - Aneugmenus flavipes
Genus Liliacina
Species diversipes - Liliacina diversipes
Genus Nesoselandria
Species morio - Nesoselandria morio
Tribe Dolerini
Genus Dolerus
Species apricus - Dolerus apricus
Species aprilis - Dolerus aprilis
Species elderi - Dolerus elderi
Species illini - Dolerus illini
Species mimus - Dolerus mimus
Species neoagcistus - Dolerus neoagcistus
Species neocollaris - Dolerus neocollaris
Species nitens - Dolerus nitens
Species nortoni - Dolerus nortoni
Species tejoniensis - Dolerus tejoniensis
Species tibialis - Dolerus tibialis
Subspecies conjugatus - Dolerus tibialis conjugatus
Species unicolor - Dolerus unicolor
Species versus - Dolerus versus
No Taxon unidentifiable beyond genus --tmp. page
Tribe Strongylogastrini
Genus Strongylogaster
Species distans - Strongylogaster distans
Species impressata - Strongylogaster impressata
Species multicincta - Strongylogaster multicincta
Species polita - Strongylogaster polita
Species soriculatipes - Strongylogaster soriculatipes
Species tacita - Strongylogaster tacita
Species tibialis - Strongylogaster tibialis
Genus Thrinax
Species albidopicta - Thrinax albidopicta
Species dubitata - Thrinax dubitata
Subfamily Tenthredininae
Tribe Macrophyini
Genus Macrophya
Species alba - Macrophya alba
Species bifasciata - Macrophya bifasciata
Species cassandra - Macrophya cassandra
Species cinctula - Macrophya cinctula
Species epinota - Macrophya epinota
Species festana - Macrophya festana
Species flavicoxae - Macrophya flavicoxae
Species flavolineata - Macrophya flavolineata
Species flicta - Macrophya flicta
Species formosa - Macrophya formosa
Species fuliginea - Macrophya fuliginea
Species fumator - Macrophya fumator
Species goniphora - Macrophya goniphora
Species macgillivrayi - Macrophya macgillivrayi
Species nigra - Macrophya nigra
Species nigristigma - Macrophya nigristigma
No Taxon presumed larvae
Species oregona - Macrophya oregona
Species pannosa - Macrophya pannosa
Species phylacida - Macrophya phylacida
Species pulchella - Macrophya pulchella
Species punctumalbum - Privet Sawfly
Species senacca - Macrophya senacca
Species simillima - Macrophya simillima
Species succincta - Macrophya succincta
Species tibiator - Macrophya tibiator
Species trisyllaba - Macrophya trisyllaba
Species varia - Macrophya varia
Species zoe - Macrophya zoe
No Taxon images reviewed by D.R. Smith [unIDable past genus]
Genus Pachyprotasis
Species rapae - Pachyprotasis rapae
Tribe Perineurini
Genus Leucopelmonus
Species annulicornis - Leucopelmonus annulicornis
Tribe Sciapterygini
Genus Filacus
Species pluricinctellus - Filacus pluricinctellus
Genus Zaschizonyx
Species montana - Zaschizonyx montana
Tribe Tenthredinini
Genus Lagium
Species atroviolaceum - Lagium atroviolaceum
Genus Rhogogaster
Species californica - Rhogogaster californica
Species lateraria - Rhogogaster lateraria
Species nr-viridis - Rhogogaster nr-viridis
Genus Tenthredo
No Taxon angulifera group
Species angulifera - Tenthredo angulifera
No Taxon arcuata group
Species basilaris - Tenthredo basilaris
Species erythromera - Tenthredo erythromera
Species eximia - Tenthredo eximia
Species fernaldii - Tenthredo fernaldii
Species grandis - Tenthredo grandis
Species leucostoma - Tenthredo leucostoma
Species lobata - Tenthredo lobata
Species masneri - Tenthredo masneri
Species maxima - Tenthredo maxima
Species mellicoxa - Tenthredo mellicoxa
Species nimbipennis - Tenthredo nimbipennis
Species obscuripennis - Tenthredo obscuripennis
Species ocampa - Tenthredo ocampa
Species olivacea - Tenthredo olivacea
Species ornaticeps - Tenthredo ornaticeps
Species rhammisia - Tenthredo rhammisia
Species rubeola - Tenthredo rubeola
Species rufopecta - Tenthredo rufopecta
Species semirufa - Tenthredo semirufa
Species varipicta - Tenthredo varipicta
Species verticalis - Tenthredo verticalis
Species xantha - Tenthredo xantha
No Taxon images reviewed by D.R. Smith
Tribe Tenthredopsini
Genus Aglaostigma
Species quattuordecimpunctatum - Aglaostigma quattuordecimpunctatum
Species rubens - Aglaostigma rubens
Species semiluteum - Aglaostigma semiluteum
No Taxon Probably/Possibly Macrophya
No Taxon images that Dr Smith was unable to identify past family [tmp.]
No Taxon Green with black spots, on Coreopsis tripteris