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Family Byrrhidae - Pill Beetles

Amphicyrta dentipes Amphicyrta chrysomelina Erichson - Amphicyrta chrysomelina Amphicyrta dentipes Amphicyrta dentipes another byrrhid? - Amphicyrta another byrrhid? - Amphicyrta Round Brown Beetle - Amphicyrta Round Brown Beetle - Amphicyrta

oval creek beetle - Cytilus alternatus Pill Beetle - Byrrhus Byrrhid - Cytilus alternatus Another mystery... - Morychus oblongus - male Byrrhus kirbyi Eusomalia lecontei Don't know what to suggest for this one!? - Cytilus alternatus Coleoptera 6 - Byrrhus

Pill Beetle? - Chaetophora spinosa pill beetle - Chaetophora spinosa Pill Beetles - Chaetophora spinosa Curimopsis sp. - Sierraclava cooperi Curimopsis albonotata Curimopsis strigosa (Melsheimer) - Curimopsis strigosa minute byrrhid - Chaetophora spinosa Curimopsis strigosa (Melsheimer) - Curimopsis strigosa