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There is a forum for possible misidentification, but where would we discuss possible under-identification? For example, I am pretty sure this is a rove beetle, but it is listed as a beetle so it is not incorrectly identified.

It helps to be patient
Sometimes it just takes minutes, others, years. Take this one for instance (10 years)

Some images move gradually to lower and lower taxa when some expert is able to make a better determination.

Unfortunately, now all you can do is wait. But one day soon a staphylinid expert will come along and comment on your image and thoughts. Hope it's not too long :)

Sounds good. I browsed the rove beetles and I think Ocypus nitens might be the rove beetle I posted.

Images may move slowly deeper into the guide
You are correct that it is a rove beetle and at some point it will likely be moved there or even deeper into the guide. There are countless thousands of images on BugGuide that are not yet identified to species. But many eventually get there. It all depends upon when the volunteer who knows such things stops at the image and has time to pursue an identification. Click on subscribe under the image and you will receive an email every time someone has more to say about the ID.
There are some 400 images at this time on the base Coleoptera page, some are Chrysomelids, some are weevils, some blister beetles, etc. Many of them will get a more detailed identification at some point, but it may take years! Depends on the difficulty of the ID and the expertise of our volunteer visitors.
You can leave a comment under the image yourself and say that you believe it is a Rove beetle. You can even look through the Rove beetle images here and see if you can suggest a deeper ID. But unfortunately there is no way to speed up the process, though you could tag and move the image to the Rove beetle page (or back to ID Request) at some point and see if you have better luck getting an ID there

Well they can't have it all. :) Maybe you could find what you are looking for here? I don't know?