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band-winged grasshopper sp. - Heliastus benjamini - male

band-winged grasshopper sp. - Heliastus benjamini - Male
Patagonia Lake State Park, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
July 21, 2007


Heliastus benjamini
Just found this one. Was browsing my way through Trimerotropis and just barely glimpsed this one as I by-passed T. pallidipennis - said to myself "whoa - back up". This is a nice shot of a male Heliastus benjamini. The stocky build and long antennae are characteristic. Probably a very close relative of Hadrotettix, but much smaller. The wings should be red with a cloudy border on this one. Also very common in Arizona, particularly in rocky arroyos and canyon bottoms. I never noticed that they are so hairy below-decks before.

Excellent image! This is probably T. pallidipennis, and am moving the image there for now at least. This is an abundant species here.

I'd just about given up on getting this IDed.