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Posting Photos

I have had great success and have learned how to use much of your wonderful site but have a huge question. Is there a way to post a photo that I've been able to ID and would like to share without going through Request ID? Thank you!

This article Where do I post it? should be helpful.

You can post anywhere in the Guide.
Navigate to the appropriate taxon; make sure you're on the Images tab; click the "add image" link and submit the photo as usual.

Please take care when posting to the Guide, and make sure your IDs are solid. Mistakes that aren't caught can be perpetuated as others visit and assume the IDs to be correct.

Thank you,
I will be Very careful. If I am not positive positive should I name it and then request ID.

ID Request is always safe
You can also post to your level of certainty. For instance, if you have a specimen that you know is a Click Beetle, and you have a good idea what the genus might be (but you aren't positive), you could post to Elateridae.