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Phyllonorycter argentifimbriella

Phyllonorycter argentifimbriella
Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
July 27, 2007
Size: 3-4mm

Moved from Lesser Maple Leaf Blotch Miner.

In Braun's key, argentifimbriella is separated from lucidicostella by the former having a dark margin on the golden basal streak. This one's wings are a little chewed-up, but there should be four white costal streaks--here is a reared example:

Edit: Although, here's one reared from maple that does have a bit of a dark margin:

P. argentifimbriella feeds on oak, so maybe that's the only reliable way to distinguish the two.

Moving from "Phyllocnistis lucidicostella"...
no such animal.

Not the best angle
But it looks like a good match for Lesser Maple Leaf Blotch Miner.

Moved from Frass.

Moved from Moths.

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