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Superfamily Tephritoidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon "Acalyptratae"
Superfamily Tephritoidea

Family Lonchaeidae - Lance Flies
Genus Dasiops
Genus Earomyia
Species aberrans - Earomyia aberrans
Genus Lonchaea
Genus Lamprolonchaea
Species smaragdi - Lamprolonchaea smaragdi
Genus Silba
Species fumosa - Silba fumosa
Family Pallopteridae - Flutter Flies
Genus Palloptera
Species setosa - Palloptera setosa
Species claripennis - Palloptera claripennis
Species subusta - Palloptera subusta
Genus Toxonevra
Species jucunda - Toxonevra jucunda
Species muliebris - Toxonevra muliebris
Species superba - Toxonevra superba
Family Piophilidae - Skipper Flies
Genus Actenoptera
Species avalona - Actenoptera avalona 0
Species hilarella - Actenoptera hilarella
Genus Allopiophila
Species testacea - Allopiophila testacea
Genus Amphipogon
Species hyperboreus - Amphipogon hyperboreus
Genus Mycetaulus
Species costalis - Mycetaulus costalis
Species longipennis - Mycetaulus longipennis
Species nigritellus - Mycetaulus nigritellus
Species polypori - Mycetaulus polypori
Genus Piophila
Species casei - Cheese Skipper
Genus Prochyliza - Waltzing Flies
Species brevicornis - Prochyliza brevicornis
Species nigrimana - Prochyliza nigrimana
Species varipes - Prochyliza varipes
Species xanthostoma - Prochyliza xanthostoma
Genus Protopiophila
Species litigata - Protopiophila litigata
Species latipes - Protopiophila latipes
Genus Stearibia
Species nigriceps - Stearibia nigriceps
Family Platystomatidae - Signal Flies
Genus Amphicnephes
Species pullus - Amphicnephes pullus
Genus Platystoma
Species seminationis - Platystoma seminationis
Genus Pogonortalis
Species doclea - Boatman Fly
Genus Rivellia
Species cognata - Rivellia cognata
Species conjuncta - Rivellia conjuncta
Species coquilletti - Rivellia coquilletti
Species flavimana - Rivellia flavimana
Species floridana - Rivellia floridana
Species inaequata - Rivellia inaequata
Species maculipennis - Rivellia maculipennis
Species metallica - Rivellia metallica
Species micans - Rivellia micans
Species munda - Rivellia munda
Species occulta - Rivellia occulta
Species severini - Rivellia severini
Species steyskali - Rivellia steyskali
Species tersa - Rivellia tersa
Species texana - Rivellia texana
Species vaga - Rivellia vaga
Species variabilis - Rivellia variabilis
Species winifredae - Rivellia winifredae
Species wulpiana - Rivellia wulpiana
No Taxon colei and quadrifasciata
Species quadrifasciata - Soybean Nodule Fly
Species colei - Rivellia colei
No Taxon pallida or imitabilis
No Taxon viridulans or melliginis
Genus Senopterina
Species caerulescens - Senopterina caerulescens
Species foxleei - Senopterina foxleei
Species varia - Senopterina varia
Family Pyrgotidae
Genus Boreothrinax
Species dichaetus - Boreothrinax dichaetus
Species maculipennis - Boreothrinax maculipennis
Species shewelli - Boreothrinax shewelli
Genus Pyrgota
Species fenestrata - Pyrgota fenestrata
Species undata - Waved Light Fly
No Taxon sp. near undata
Genus Pyrgotella
Species chagnoni - Pyrgotella chagnoni
Genus Sphecomyiella
Species nelsoni - Sphecomyiella nelsoni
Species valida - Sphecomyiella valida
Genus Stenopyrgota
Species mexicana - Stenopyrgota mexicana
Family Richardiidae
Genus Automola
Species rufa - Automola rufa
Genus Coniceps
Species niger - Coniceps niger
Genus Epiplatea
Species erosa - Epiplatea erosa
Genus Odontomera
Species ferruginea - Odontomera ferruginea
Species limbata - Odontomera limbata
Genus Omomyia
Species regularis - Omomyia regularis
Species hirsuta - Omomyia hirsuta
Genus Sepsisoma
Species flavescens - Sepsisoma flavescens
No Taxon Brown Eastern species
No Taxon Dark Arizona species
No Taxon Pale Arizona species
Family Tephritidae - Fruit Flies
No Taxon missing genera --tmp
No Taxon unidentified gall on Polymnia
Subfamily Dacinae - Tropical Fruit Flies
Genus Bactrocera
Species oleae - Olive Fruit Fly
Genus Ceratitis
Species capitata - Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Subfamily Tephritinae
Tribe Acrotaeniini
Genus Tomoplagia
Species cressoni - Tomoplagia cressoni
Species obliqua - Tomoplagia obliqua
Tribe Cecidocharini
Genus Procecidochares
Species anthracina - Procecidochares anthracina
Species atra - Procecidochares atra
Species flavipes - Procecidochares flavipes
Species gibba - Procecidochares gibba
Species minuta - Procecidochares minuta
Genus Procecidocharoides
Species penelope - Procecidocharoides penelope
Tribe Dithrycini
Genus Aciurina
Species aplopappi - Aciurina aplopappi
Species bigeloviae - Aciurina bigeloviae
Species ferruginea - Aciurina ferruginea
Species maculata - Aciurina maculata
Species mexicana - Aciurina mexicana
Species opaca - Aciurina opaca
Species thoracica - Desert Broom Gallfly
Species trixa - Bubble-gall Tephritid
Genus Eurosta
Species comma - Eurosta comma
Species cribrata - Eurosta cribrata
Species fenestrata - Eurosta fenestrata
Species solidaginis - Goldenrod Gall Fly
Genus Peronyma
Species quadrifasciata - Peronyma quadrifasciata
Genus Valentibulla
Species californica - Valentibulla californica
Species munda - Valentibulla munda
Species steyskali - Valentibulla steyskali
Tribe Eutretini
Genus Cryptotreta
Species cislimitensis - Cryptotreta cislimitensis
Genus Eutreta
No Taxon subgenus Metatephritis
Species diana - Eutreta diana
Species fenestrata - Eutreta fenestrata
No Taxon subgenus Setosigena
Species rotundipennis - Eutreta rotundipennis
No Taxon subgenus Eutreta
Species angusta - Eutreta angusta
Species caliptera - Eutreta caliptera
Species hespera - Eutreta hespera
Species novaeboracensis - Eutreta novaeboracensis
Genus Paracantha
Species culta - Paracantha culta
Species cultaris - Paracantha cultaris
Species gentilis - Paracantha gentilis
Genus Stenopa
Species affinis - Stenopa affinis
Species vulnerata - Stenopa vulnerata
Tribe Myopitini
Genus Goedenia
Species formosa - Goedenia formosa
Species timberlakei - Goedenia timberlakei
Genus Rhynencina
Species longirostris - Rhynencina longirostris
Genus Urophora
Species affinis - Knapweed Gall Fly
Species cardui - Canada Thistle Stem Gall Fly
Species jaceana - Brown Knapweed Gall Fly
Species quadrifasciata - Four-barred Knapweed Gall Fly
Species sirunaseva - Yellow Starthistle Gall Fly
Species stylata - Bull Thistle Gall Fly
Tribe Noeetini
Genus Acidogona
Species dichromata - Acidogona dichromata
Species melanura - Acidogona melanura
Genus Jamesomyia
Species geminata - Jamesomyia geminata
Tribe Tephritini
Genus Acinia
Species picturata - Sourbush Seed Fly
Genus Euaresta
Species aequalis - Euaresta aequalis
Species bella - Euaresta bella
Species bellula - Euaresta bellula
Species bullans - Bathurst Burr Seed Fly
Species festiva - Euaresta festiva
Species stelligera - Euaresta stelligera
Species stigmatica - Euaresta stigmatica
Species tapetis - Euaresta tapetis
Genus Neotephritis
Species finalis - Sunflower Seed Maggot
Species rava - Neotephritis rava
Genus Xanthaciura
Species insecta - Xanthaciura insecta
Species tetraspina - Xanthaciura tetraspina
Genus Xanthomyia
Species nora - Xanthomyia nora
Species platyptera - Xanthomyia platyptera
No Taxon Campiglossa group
Genus Campiglossa
Species albiceps - Campiglossa albiceps
Species clathrata - Campiglossa clathrata
Species footeorum - Campiglossa footeorum
Species fuscata - Campiglossa fuscata
Species genalis - Campiglossa genalis
Species jamesi - Campiglossa jamesi
Species murina - Campiglossa murina
Species pallidipennis - Campiglossa pallidipennis
Species steyskali - Campiglossa steyskali
Species tenebrosa - Campiglossa tenebrosa
Species variabilis - Campiglossa variabilis
Genus Dioxyna
Species thomae - Dioxyna thomae
Species picciola - Dioxyna picciola
Genus Oxyna
Species utahensis - Oxyna utahensis
Species palpalis - Oxyna palpalis
No Taxon Dyseuaresta group
Genus Dyseuaresta
Species mexicana - Dyseuaresta mexicana
Species sobrinata - Dyseuaresta sobrinata
No Taxon Euarestoides group
Genus Euarestoides
Species abstersus - Euarestoides abstersus
Species acutangulus - Euarestoides acutangulus
Genus Plaumannimyia
Species flava - Plaumannimyia flava
No Taxon Tephritis group
Genus Tephritis
Species angustipennis - Tephritis angustipennis
Species araneosa - Tephritis araneosa
Species arizonaensis - Tephritis arizonaensis
Species baccharis - Tephritis baccharis
Species californica - Tephritis californica
Species ovatipennis - Tephritis ovatipennis
Species pura - Tephritis pura
Species rufipennis - Tephritis rufipennis
Species stigmatica - Tephritis stigmatica
Species subpura - Tephritis subpura
Species webbii - Tephritis webbii
Genus Trupanea
Species actinobola - Trupanea actinobola
Species bisetosa - Trupanea bisetosa
Species californica - Trupanea californica
Species conjuncta - Trupanea conjuncta
Species dacetoptera - Trupanea dacetoptera
Species eclipta - Trupanea eclipta
Species femoralis - Trupanea femoralis
Species imperfecta - Trupanea imperfecta
Species jonesi - Trupanea jonesi
Species mevarna - Trupanea mevarna
Species nigricornis - Trupanea nigricornis
Species pseudovicina - Trupanea pseudovicina
Species radifera - Trupanea radifera
Species signata - Trupanea signata
Species texana - Trupanea texana
Species vicina - Trupanea vicina
Species wheeleri - Trupanea wheeleri
Tribe Terelliini
Genus Chaetorellia
Species australis - Yellow Starthistle Peacock Fly
Species succinea - False Peacock Fly
Genus Chaetostomella
Species undosa - Chaetostomella undosa
Genus Neaspilota
Species achilleae - Neaspilota (Neorellia) achilleae
Species alba - Neaspilota alba
Species aenigma - Neaspilota aenigma
Species signifera - Neaspilota (Neorellia) signifera
Species viridescens - Neaspilota viridescens
Genus Terellia
Species fuscicornis - Terellia fuscicornis
Species occidentalis - Terellia occidentalis
Species palposa - Terellia palposa
Species ruficauda - Terellia ruficauda
Tribe Xyphosiini
Genus Gymnocarena
Species bicolor - Gymnocarena bicolor
Species diffusa - Gymnocarena diffusa
Species norrbomi - Gymnocarena norrbomi
Species defoei - Gymnocarena defoei
Species tricolor - Gymnocarena tricolor
Genus Icterica
Species circinata - Icterica circinata
Species seriata - Icterica seriata
Subfamily Trypetinae
Genus Euphranta
Species canadensis - Currant fruit fly
Tribe Toxotrypanini
Genus Anastrepha
Species ludens - Mexican Fruit Fly
Species suspensa - Caribbean Fruit Fly
Genus Toxotrypana
Species curvicauda - Papaya Fruit Fly
Tribe Trypetini
Subtribe Chetostomatina
Genus Chetostoma
Species rubidum - Chetostoma rubidum
Species californicum - Chetostoma californicum
Genus Paramyiolia
Species nigricornis - Paramyiolia nigricornis
Genus Parastenopa
Species limata - Parastenopa limata
Subtribe Trypetina
Genus Euleia
Species uncinata - Euleia uncinata
Species fratria - Euleia fratria
Genus Strauzia
Species arculata - Strauzia arculata
Species intermedia - Strauzia intermedia
Species longipennis - Sunflower Maggot
Species noctipennis - Strauzia noctipennis
Species perfecta - Strauzia perfecta
Genus Trypeta
Species flaveola - Trypeta flaveola
Species fractura - Trypeta fractura
Tribe Carpomyini
Subtribe Carpomyina
Genus Rhagoletis
Species basiola - Rose Hip Fly
Species berberis - Rhagoletis berberis
Species bushi - Rhagoletis bushi
Species cerasi - European Cherry Fruit Fly
Species cingulata - Eastern Cherry Fruit Fly
Species completa - Walnut Husk Fly
Species fausta - Rhagoletis fausta
Species indifferens - Western Cherry Fruit Fly
Species juglandis - Rhagoletis juglandis
Species juniperina - Rhagoletis juniperina
Species mendax - Blueberry Fruit Fly
Species meigenii - Barberry Fly
Species pomonella - Apple Maggot Fly
Species striatella - Rhagoletis striatella
Species suavis - Walnut Husk Maggot
Species tabellaria - Rhagoletis tabellaria
Species zephyria - Rhagoletis zephyria
Genus Rhagoletotrypeta
Species rohweri - Rhagoletotrypeta rohweri
Genus Zonosemata
Species electa - Pepper Maggot
Species vittigera - Zonosemata vittigera
Subtribe Paraterelliina
Genus Oedicarena
Species latifrons - Oedicarena latifrons
Genus Paraterellia
Species immaculata - Paraterellia immaculata
Species superba - Paraterellia superba
Species varipennis - Paraterellia varipennis
Species ypsilon - Paraterellia ypsilon
Family Ulidiidae - Picture-winged Flies
Subfamily Ulidiinae
Tribe Lipsanini
Genus Acrosticta
Genus Chaetopsis
Species aenea - Chaetopsis aenea
Species apicalis - Chaetopsis apicalis
Species fulvifrons - Chaetopsis fulvifrons
Species massyla - Chaetopsis massyla
Species quadrifasciata - Chaetopsis quadrifasciata
Genus Eumetopiella
Species varipes - Eumetopiella varipes
Species rufipes - Eumetopiella rufipes
Genus Euxesta
No Taxon basalis group
Species abana - Euxesta abana
Species annonae - Cornsilk Fly
Species nitidiventris - Euxesta nitidiventris
Species notata - Euxesta notata
Species pechumani - Euxesta pechumani
Species stigmatias - Cornsilk fly
Species quaternaria - Euxesta quaternaria
Genus Notogramma
Species cimiciforme - Notogramma cimiciforme
Species purpuratum - Notogramma purpuratum
Species stigma - Notogramma stigma
Genus Stenomyia
Genus Zacompsia
Species fulva - Zacompsia fulva
Tribe Seiopterini
Genus Homalocephala
Genus Seioptera
Species vibrans - Seioptera vibrans
Genus Pseudoseioptera
Species albipes - Pseudoseioptera albipes
Tribe Ulidiini
Genus Physiphora
Species clausa - Physiphora clausa
Species alceae - Physiphora alceae
Genus Steneretma
Species laticauda - Steneretma laticauda
Subfamily Otitinae
Tribe Cephaliini
Genus Delphinia
Species picta - Delphinia picta
Genus Myiomyrmica
Species fenestrata - Myiomyrmica fenestrata
Genus Myrmecothea
Species myrmecoides - Myrmecothea myrmecoides
Genus Tritoxa
Species flexa - Black Onion Fly
Species incurva - Tritoxa incurva
Species pollinosa - Tritoxa pollinosa
Species ra - Tritoxa ra
No Taxon cuneata species complex
Species cuneata - Tritoxa cuneata
Species decipiens - Tritoxa decipiens
No Taxon Genera incertae sedis possibly related to Cephaliini
Genus Curranops
Genus Diacrita
Species plana - Diacrita plana
Species costalis - Diacrita costalis
Genus Idana
Species marginata - Idana marginata
Tribe Otitini
Genus Ceroxys
Species latiusculus - Ceroxys latiusculus
Genus Herina
Species ruficeps - Herina ruficeps
Species narytia - Herina narytia
Genus Melieria
Species cana - Melieria cana
Species ochricornis - Melieria ochricornis
Genus Otites
Species pyrrhocephala - Otites pyrrhocephala
Species michiganus - Otites michiganus
Species stigma - Otites stigma
Genus Tetanops
Species integer - Tetanops integer
Species luridipennis - Tetanops luridipennis
Species magdalanae - Tetanops magdalanae
Species myopaeformis - Sugar Beet Root Maggot
Species parallelus - Tetanops parallelus
Tribe Myennidini
Genus Dyscrasis
Species hendeli - Dyscrasis hendeli
Genus Callopistromyia
Species strigula - Callopistromyia strigula
Species annulipes - Peacock Fly
Genus Oedopa
Species capito - Oedopa capito
Genus Paroedopa
Species punctigera - Paroedopa punctigera
Genus Pseudotephritina
Species cribellum - Pseudotephritina cribellum
Species inaequalis - Pseudotephritina inaequalis
Genus Pseudotephritis
Species approximata - Pseudotephritis approximata
Species corticalis - Pseudotephritis corticalis
Species vau - Pseudotephritis vau
Genus Stictomyia
Species longicornis - Stictomyia longicornis
Species punctata - Stictomyia punctata
Genus Tetropismenus
Species hirtus - Tetropismenus hirtus