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Feralia jocosa - The Joker perhaps - Feralia major

Feralia jocosa - The Joker perhaps - Feralia major
Pitkin, Vernon Parish, Louisiana, USA
December 29, 2016
perhaps Feralia jocosa - The Joker. The lines are white with a black line on both sides

Moved to Major Sallow
Moved from ID Request.

I see regularly in South Alabama, during winter

I have photographed several F
I have photographed several Feralia over the past few days and posted one as Feralia major. This one looked different and seems to have black on both sides of the white line as described for Feralia jocosa.

You may be right but I am not familiar with the Genus and cannot make a species call.

I agree with your Genus but has been reported in Texas and from the Trinity Refuge Center which you say is close to you. The only F. jocosa from LA was placed by a user who has only posted one picture on BG and I do not know his credentials. L. jocosa looks to be out of range on MPG.

That other image should be reviewed - I will move it
The image that you referred to is the only image posted from that person (two years ago) and then it was never reviewed by an expert. Thanks for noticing it!
Here is the image: I'm going to place it at the genus level, for now. (SORRY FOR BUTTING IN HERE, CHARLES!!!!!)