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Trachypachus inermis

Trachypachus inermis
Bandelier National Monument, Sandavol County, New Mexico, USA
June 1, 2016
Trachypachus inermis ID courtesy Kip Will

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Trachypachus inermis Trachypachus inermis Trachypachus inermis

Awesome beetle!
The west is so under-studied. There are many carabids recorded from NV and CO, or ID and AZ, but not from Utah even though they occur here.

Nice, not listed for NM in Bousquet 2012
Surely Kip's det is safe to trust.
Moved from ID Request.

Yes Margarethe Brummermann as
Yes Margarethe Brummermann asked me to put it up, and I definitely trust KW.

A first for New Mexico.
This new state record is added to the post-2012 caraboid registry. Thanks for the notice.

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Hello Mr. Messer, I tried sending you an email but not sure it got to you. If possible, could you please shoot me an email, best, and thanks.

Wow, glad to hear it!
Wow, glad to hear it!