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Mallota or Eristalis? - Mallota bautias

Mallota or Eristalis? - Mallota bautias
Monticello, Minnesota, USA
May 31, 2012
Originally I thought this might be Eristalis anthophorina, but it looks more like something in the genus Mallota.

Moved from Eristalis anthophorina.

Please take care when placing images in the Guide. Mistakes that aren't caught can be perpetuated as others visit and assume the IDs to be solid. If there is any doubt at all, ID Request is the safest place to post. Thanks.

Mallota bautias .... male
Mallota bautias.
Eristalis has the R1 vein and R2+3 vein meeting to form a stalk before reaching wing margin. Here the veins reach wing margin separately. Look at the huge hind femora.