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Diptera larvae photo album

I've had to identify a large amount of fly larvae (in the soil) during my Ph.D. and while this database is awesome for cross checking identification of adults, it is a mess for larvae (except for Lepidoptera). So, for myself (but in the purpose to share later), I've tried to create a photo album of fly larved. As fly larvae are identified at all taxonomical level (order to species), I've watch every single pictures to monitor them correctly... That mean a lot of time; and I didn't have a complete picture album yet! I lack of time to complet it. Anyway, I still refer to it myself, and I tought it could be useful to other people if I make it available.



            Axymyia furcata



            Bibio sp.

                Epicypta sp.
                Leptomorphus sp.
                Leptomorphus hyalinus

              Keroplatus sp.


                  Mycodiplosis sp.
                  Dicrodiplosis californica
                  Feltiella sp.
                  Rhopalomyia sp.
                  Celticecis globosa
                  Primavera porrecta
                  Olpodiplosis helianthi
                  Conrarinia sp.
                  Contarinia virginianiae
                  Pilodiplosis helianthibulla
                  Macrodiplosis sp.
                  Macrodiplosis niveipila
                  Leptodiplosis sp.
                  Parallelodiplosis subtruncata
                  Aphidoletes sp.
                  Aphidoletes aphidimyza
                  Schizomyia impatientis
                  Schizomyia vitiscoryloides
                  Schizomyia racemicola
                  Polystepha globosa
                  Polystepha pilulae
                  Walshomyia sp.
                  Neolasioptera sp.
                  Neolasioptera impatientifolia
                  Neolasioptera perfoliata
                  Neolasioptera boehmeriae
                  Neolasioptera alliniae
                  Asteromyia carbonifera
                  Asteromyia euthamiae
                  Dasineura tumidosae
                  Dasineura pellex
                  Dasineura carbonaria
                  Dasineura salicifoliae
                  Vitisiella sp.


            Simulium (Pzilozia) sp.
             Simulium tuberosum
             Simulium fibrinflatum
             Prosimulium sp.
             Prosimulium mixtum
             Stegopterna sp.
             Stegopterna mutata

                 Anopheles sp.
                 Anopheles punctipennis
                 Orthopodomyia sp.
                 Culiseta sp.
                 Culiseta inornata
                 Toxorhynchites sp.
                Toxorhynchites rutilus
                Ochlerotatus sp.
                Ochlerotatus canadensis canadensis
                Ochlerotatus cantator
                Ochlerotatus japonicus
                Ochlerotatus triseriatus
                Ochlerotatus stimulans
                Psorophora ciliata
                Culex sp.
                Culex quinquefasciatus
                Culex restulans
                Culex salinarius

            Dixella sp.
            Dixella dorsalis
            Dixa sp.

                Dasyhelea sp.
                Forcipomyia sp.
                    Sphaeromias longipennis
                    Bezzia sp.

                    Chironomus sp.

            Chaoborus sp.
            Chaoborus albatus
            Eucorethra underwoodi
            Mochlonyx sp.



                Psychoda alternata
                Cogmia sp.
                Cogmia albipunctata
                Maruina sp.

            Bibiocephala grandis
            Blepharicera sp.

            Protanyderus sp.


                Antocha sp.
                Limnophila sp.
                Hexatoma sp.

            Dicranota sp.

                Tanyptera dorsalis
                Tipula (Yamatotipula) sp.
                Tipula (Lunatipula) sp.
                Tipula (Nippotipula) abdominalis
                Tipula paludosa
                Tipula (Triplicitipula) sp.
                Prionocera sp.

            Phalacrocera sp.
            Liogma sp.


    Incertae sedis

            Deuterophlebia shasta

            Nymphomyia sp.



                Ptecticus trivittatus
                    Stratiomys sp.
                    Odontomyia sp.
Caloparypus sp.

                Allognosta sp.
                Hermetia sp.
                Hermetia illucens


            Raghio sp.
            Symphoromyia sp.

                Chrysops striatus
                Tabanus sp.
                Tabanus punctifer

            Atherix sp.
            Atherix lanta
            Atherix pachypus

            Vermileo comstoki



                    Anthrax aterrimus
                    Poecilanthrax lucifer

                Mydas clavatus






    Orthorrapha Incertae Sedis

            Acrocera sp.

            Xylophagus sp.


            Nephrocerus sp.

                    Dioprosopa clavata
                    Eupeodes sp.
                    Eupeodes americanus
                    Dasysyrphus sp.
                    Epistrophe sp.
                    Scaeva pyrastri
                    Syrphus sp.
                    Toxomerus germinatus

                    Meromacrus acutus
                    Eristalis sp.
                    Eristalis tenax
                    Mallota sp.
                    Helophilus fasciatus
                    Spilomyia sp.
                    Syritta pipiens

                Microdon sp.

                Phalacrotophora epeirae



            Fannia sp.

            Chirosia sp.
            Pegomya sp.




                Gasterophilus sp.
                Gasterophilus intestinalis
                Cuterebra sp.
                Cuterebra emasculator

            Chrysomya rufifacies
            Lucilia sericata


            Ephydra cinerea
            Ephydra hians


            Leucopis sp.






                    Procecidochares atra
                    Eurosta solidaginis
                    Eutreta sp.
                    Urophora cardui
                    Rhagoletis sp.
                    Rhagoletis pomonella
                    Toxotrypana curvicauda
                    Euleia fratria

    Super-family unassigned
                Melanagromyza sp.
                Japanagromyza viridula
                Agromyza sp.
                Agromyza aristata
                Agromyza deserta
                Phytomyza sp.
                Phytomyza ovalis
                Phytomyza anemonivora
                Phytomyza astotinensis
                Phytomyza angelicae
                Calycomyza sp.
                Calycomyza lantanae
                Calycomyza flavinotum
                Calycomyza platyptera
                Nemorimyza maculosa
                Liriomyza sp.
                Liriomyza galiivora
                Liriomyza asclepiadis
                Liriomyza violivora
                Phytobia sp.

Thanks for doing this. The Balabans and I have been sorting a large number of adult/immature images. You can find them using the advanced search, if this can be of any help.

You have some unpaired formatting tags -- search on this page for "[b]". For example, right after "Psychodidae."

very nice!
This is super helpful, thanks so much for putting this together!

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