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Species Varneria postremella - The Little Ruby - Hodges#6029

California plant pest & disease report, Vol. 22 (Jul 2002 through Jul 2005)
By S. Gaimari, ed.
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various chapters available on Google Books

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Available online here.

List of freshwater macroinvertebrate taxa from California and adjacent states
By Richards A.B., Rogers D.C.
Southwest Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists (SAFIT). 266 pp., 2011
Full text
Acari p.35, Crustacea p.47, Collembola p.69, Insecta p.71 (Ephemeroptera 71, Odonata 95, Plecoptera 112, Hemiptera 126, Megaloptera 139, Neuroptera 141, Trichoptera 143, Lepidoptera 165, Coleoptera 167, Diptera 219)

also available in .xls fromat

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Full text (text-only version)

beware of obsolete taxonomy!

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Hive Management
By Richard E. Bonney
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An easy-to read guide filled with important information on bee keeping and bee behavior