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Species Trirhabda flavolimbata

Pests of Stored Foodstuffs and Their Control
By Hill, D.S.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. 496 pp., 2002

Dennis S. Hill. 2002. Pests of Stored Foodstuffs and Their Control. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. 496 pp.

A distributional checklist of the beetles (Coleoptera) of Florida.
By Peck & Thomas.
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Gainesville. 180 pp., 1998
Archive of List of Families - via Wayback [Time] Machine

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Peck, S. and M. Thomas. 1998. A distributional checklist of the beetles (Coleoptera) of Florida. Arthropods of Florida and Neighboring Land Areas. Volume 16. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Gainesville. 180 pp.

Review of adventive species of Coleoptera (Insecta) recorded from eastern Canada
By Klimaszewsky J., Langor D., Majka C.G., et. al.
Pensoft Series Faunistica 94, 272 pp., 20 colour plates, 189 figs., 2010
Account of 510 adventive species in 290 genera and 48 families recorded to date from Atlantic Canada and Quebec (120 spp. of Staphylinidae, 85 Curculionidae, 45 Carabidae, 43 Chrysomelidae, etc.)

Ordering info, sample pages, etc.

The Water Beetles of Florida
By Epler J.H.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Tallahassee. 414 pp., 2010
Full title: The Water Beetles of Florida - an identification manual for the families Chrysomelidae, Curculionidae, Dryopidae, Dytiscidae, Elmidae, Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Helophoridae, Hydraenidae, Hydrochidae, Hydrophilidae, Noteridae, Psephenidae, Ptilodactylidae and Scirtidae
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Pages of the PDF:
Key to families: larvae 16 Adults 21 · Chrysomelidae 27 · Curculionidae 55 · Dryopidae 69 · Dytiscidae 75 · Elmidae 195 · Gyrinidae 221 · Haliplidae 289 · Helophoridae 255 · Hydraenidae 257 · Hydrochidae 265 · Hydrophilidae 275 · Noteridae 337 · Psephenidae 353 · Ptilodactylidae 357 · Scirtidae 359 · Checklist 403

An illustrated synopsis of the principal larval forms of the order Coleoptera
By Adam G. Böving and Frank C. Craighead
Brooklyn Entomological Society, 1931
Though old, looks to be a good reference and source of illustrations of beetle larvae. Available from the Biodiversity Heritage Library:

Interesting biographical note: Frank C. (Cooper) Craighead (see also Wikispecies) was an entomologist, and his children are/were prominent in biological fields as well. His twin sons Frank C. Craighead, Jr. and John were prominent wildlife biologists. His daughter, Jean Craighead George (born 1919), is a prominent author of childrens' literature with natural history themes. (As a child, I loved My Side of the Mountain (1960), and she wrote sequels in 1990 and 1999!)

The beetle fauna of Rhode Island: an annotated checklist
By Sikes D.S.
The Biota of Rhode Island, v. 3. Rhode Island Natural History Survey, Kingston, RI. vi + 296 pp., 2004
(The original print version has its own entry(1))
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An inspiring result of dedicated work, this book brilliantly proves that even a small, long-settled and thoroughly developed area like the state of Rhode Island can support a beetle fauna that is rich beyond expectation and features many rare, poorly understood species. Yielding over 700(!) new state records, the study also allowed to add about 200 spp. to the fauna of New England, the most thoroughly studied area in the entire country (arguably, in the western hemisphere); see Sikes, D.S. 2003. The beetle fauna of the state of Rhode Island, USA (Coleoptera): 657 new state records. Zootaxa 340: 1-38 (Full text; can be considered a summary of the referenced book) and additions in: Sikes, D.S., and R.P. Webster. 2005. Bioinventory of Rhode Island Coleoptera: 45 new records. Coleopterists Bulletin 59(3): 311-327. The study also provides a lot to learn about sampling/collecting techniques –- and commitment to science. It puts Rhode Island on the entomological map big time.

A list of the beetles of South Dakota
By V.M. Kirk and E.U. Balsbaugh
Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Bulletin No 42. 139 pp., 1975
The checklist shows the local distribution of 1955 spp. A sound source covering the fauna of an area badly underrepresented in the Guide.
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Beetles associated with stored products in Canada: An identification guide
By Bousquet Y.
Research Branch Agriculture Canada, Publication 1837, 1990
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An extremely helpful, thoroughly illustrated manual, one of the best beetle identification aids treating in-depth several tough and obscure groups, e.g., Cryptophagidae, Latridiidae, Demestidae, Ptininae, etc.; a must-have source for anyone dealing with beetles.
Besides identification keys that cover 120 spp. of 20 families, provides about 160 excellent detail drawings/SEMs, identification plates showing habita of 63 species and 64 full-page habitus drawings, general informa