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Superfamily Chalcidoidea - Chalcid Wasps

wasps and victim - Euplectrus Chalid Wasp - female 4th of July Wasp - Brasema Wasp - Copidosoma - female Eulophid ex Pachyschelus ex Lespedeza stuevii - female Small black wasp One more oak gall inhabitant - Torymus confusing eurytomid - Tetramesa - female
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies)
No Taxon ("Parasitica" (parasitic Apocrita))
Superfamily Chalcidoidea (Chalcid Wasps)
Other Common Names
"Chalcid" is usually used to refer to any member of this superfamily, rather than only members of the family Chalcididae. Using "chalcidoid" instead removes any ambiguity.
Synonyms and other taxonomic changes
for changes suggested based on a recent phylogenetic analysis see(1)
>2000 spp. in ~470 genera of 18 families in our area; estimated >500,000 spp. worldwide, of which a mere 22,000 so far described; 19 families with >90 subfamilies currently recognized(2)(3)
0.1-20 mm, avg. 1.5 mm, usually under 3 mm(2)(3)
Antennae usually elbowed, never more than 13 segments.
Most are dark colored, some metallic green or blue. Clear winged.
They generally hold their wings flat over the abdomen.
Online key to families in(4)

Overview of Families

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most parasitize eggs or immature stages of other insects or arachnids; others feed on plant tissues of stems, leaves, seeds, or flowers, or make galls(2)
Life history summarized in(3)(4)
Some are used to control insect pests (Lepidoptera, Diptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera). The males of many species produce sounds.
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Illustrated guide [in Catalan]
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