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Is this a  Broad-headed Sharpshooter?   - Oncometopia orbona

Is this a Broad-headed Sharpshooter? - Oncometopia orbona
Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA
August 2, 2016
Found along the banks of White Rock lake, Sunset Bay, mid morning. First I'd seen like this. If that is the correct id, a first for me and you need a Texas for August. Unfortunately I only got the one shot before it disappeared.

Moved from ID Request.

I'm glad that you two agree, lol.
According to Duke Universty: "Females sometimes have white patches called brochosomes on the sides of their fore-wings. These patches contain proteins, made by the excretory system, that the females smear onto their eggs to prevent them from drying out"
So, this might be a male or it might not be. I cannot tell. Thanks for adding the month of August for Texas!

Interesting information, Bob. I have noticed the difference with a different species of "broad head", so now I know.

Thanks Bob
I've seen those white circles on other sharpshooter species. Since it said "sometimes" have them, sounds like no way to know for sure if male so I'll leave gender undetermined.


Looks like this one to me, but you had better wait for a bug expert. . I thought I had had one, but I could not find my file.

I believe it is
From looking at photos it looked like one to me and they are in Texas, you just didn't have any from August so wanted confirmation.