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Family Sphecidae - Thread-waisted Wasps

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
No Taxon Apoidea sans Anthophila – Apoid Wasps
Family Sphecidae - Thread-waisted Wasps

Subfamily Ammophilinae
Genus Ammophila
Species aberti - Ammophila aberti
Species aphrodite - Ammophila aphrodite
Species azteca - Ammophila azteca
Species cleopatra - Ammophila cleopatra
Species femurrubra - Ammophila femurrubra
Species ferruginosa - Ammophila ferruginosa
Species formicoides - Ammophila formicoides
Species juncea - Ammophila juncea
Species nigricans - Ammophila nigricans
Species pictipennis - Ammophila pictipennis
Species placida - Ammophila placida
Species procera - Ammophila procera
Species wrightii - Ammophila wrightii
No Taxon pictipennis or placida
Genus Eremnophila
Species aureonotata - Gold-marked Thread-waisted Wasp
Genus Podalonia - Cutworm Wasps
Species argentifrons - Podalonia argentifrons 0
Species argentipilis - Podalonia argentipilis
Species luctuosa - Podalonia luctuosa
Species melaena - Podalonia melaena
Species pubescens - Podalonia pubescens
Species robusta - Podalonia robusta
Subfamily Chloriontinae
Genus Chlorion
Species aerarium - Steel-blue Cricket-hunter Wasp
Species cyaneum - Iridescent Cockroach-hunter Wasp
Subfamily Sceliphrinae
Tribe Podiini
Genus Podium
Species krombeini - Podium krombeini
Species luctuosum - Podium luctuosum
Species rufipes - Podium rufipes
Tribe Sceliphrini - Mud-dauber Wasps
Genus Chalybion - Blue Mud-dauber Wasps
Species californicum - Common Blue Mud-dauber Wasp
Species zimmermanni - Zimmermann's Mud-dauber Wasp
Subspecies zimmermanni - Zimmermann's Mud-dauber Wasp
Subspecies aztecum - Aztec Mud-dauber Wasp
Genus Sceliphron - Black Mud-dauber Wasps
Species assimile - Clayman's Mud Dauber Wasp
Species caementarium - Yellow-legged Mud-dauber Wasp
Species curvatum - Asian Mud-dauber Wasp
Subfamily Sphecinae
Tribe Prionychini
Genus Palmodes
Species dimidiatus - Palmodes dimidiatus
Species praestans - Palmodes praestans
Genus Prionyx
Species atratus - Prionyx atratus
Species canadensis - Prionyx canadensis
Species fervens - Prionyx fervens
Species foxi - Prionyx foxi
Species parkeri - Prionyx parkeri
Species thomae - Prionyx thomae
No Taxon atratus or subatratus
No Taxon canadensis-parkeri-thomae
Tribe Sphecini
Genus Isodontia - Grass-carrying Wasps
Species apicalis - Isodontia apicalis
Species auripes - Brown-legged Grass-carrying Wasp
Species elegans - Elegant Grass-carrying Wasp
Species exornata - Isodontia exornata
Species mexicana - Mexican Grass-carrying Wasp
Species philadelphica - Isodontia philadelphica
No Taxon apicalis or mexicana
Genus Sphex
Species ashmeadi - Ashmead's Digger Wasp
Species dorsalis - Sphex dorsalis
Species flavovestitus - Sphex flavovestitus
Species habenus - Golden-reined Digger Wasp
Species ichneumoneus - Great Golden Digger Wasp
Species jamaicensis - Jamaican Digger Wasp
Species lucae - Sphex lucae
Species nudus - Sphex nudus
Species pensylvanicus - Great Black Digger Wasp
Species tepanecus - Sphex tepanecus
Species texanus - Sphex texanus