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Bee Fly - Poecilanthrax bicellata

Bee Fly - Poecilanthrax bicellata
Indiana Dunes NL, Lake County, Indiana, USA
August 10, 2007

Moved from Poecilanthrax.

P. bicellata
This is P. bicellata, a fairly wide-spread eastern species.

Hi Joel, I have just added t
Hi Joel,
I have just added three pictures of what I think is Poecilanthrax bicellata. They appear under that title but no one is willing to go further than genus. Have a look and see what you think.

We have a few photos of this species (or a very similar one) in BG under Poecilanthrax, but without further ID.

What an excellent
Bombylid. Wish I knew its name.

Nice pic
Great set of photos you have here, Tom. I've enjoyed viewing all of them. This is a beautiful bee fly by the way — not a color I've seen of them yet, as I'm used to black. Congrats!

Thanks Sasha!
Thanks Sasha!