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Got Eggs? red eggs - Perillus confluens

Got Eggs? red eggs - Perillus confluens
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
August 7, 2007
Size: < .5 inch
This pentatomid was enjoying some lunch on some low vegetation near the walking path. Looks like it had finished emptying 2 eggs and started on a third.

Perillus confluens (H.-S.)
Donald Thomas det.

nice one, Jeff -- thanks for the addition! =v=

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What Eggs Are these?
What insect laid these eggs?


The red or orange eggs
I am thinking the eggs are those of Calligrapha serpentina. I've been working on identifying some eggs my sister photographed in NM. They have hatched and they appear to be the larva of Calligrapha serpentina, there are many adults in the area as well.

Interesting. I shall look mor
Interesting. I shall look more into these.

Thank you!

Eggs confirmed
At least my eggs were. See

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