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Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - Case-bearing Leaf Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea - Long-horned and Leaf Beetles
Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles
Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - Case-bearing Leaf Beetles

Tribe Fulcidacini - Warty Leaf Beetles
Genus Chlamisus - Cloaked Warty Leaf Beetles
Species foveolatus - Chlamisus foveolatus
Species maculipes - Chlamisus maculipes
Species quadrilobatus - Chlamisus quadrilobatus
Species texanus - Chlamisus texanus
Species arizonensis - Chlamisus arizonensis
Genus Diplacaspis
Species prosternalis - Diplacaspis prosternalis
Genus Exema
Species byersi - Exema byersi
Species canadensis - Exema canadensis
Species conspersa - Exema conspersa
Species deserti - Exema deserti
Species dispar - Exema dispar
Species elliptica - Exema elliptica
Species gibber - Exema gibber
Species mormona - Exema mormona
Species neglecta - Exema neglecta
Genus Neochlamisus
Species bebbianae - Neochlamisus bebbianae
Species bimaculatus - Neochlamisus bimaculatus
Species comptoniae - Neochlamisus comptoniae
Species eubati - Neochlamisus eubati
Species gibbosus - Neochlamisus gibbosus
Species platani - Neochlamisus platani
Species scabripennis - Neochlamisus scabripennis
Species velutinus - Neochlamisus velutinus
Genus Pseudochlamys
Species semirufescens - Pseudochlamys semirufescens
Tribe Clytrini
Subtribe Clytrina
Genus Anomoea
Species flavokansiensis - Anomoea flavokansiensis
Species laticlavia - Clay-colored Leaf Beetle
Subspecies angustata - Clay-colored Leaf Beetle
Species nitidicollis - Anomoea nitidicollis
Subspecies crassicornis - Anomoea nitidicollis crassicornis
Subspecies nitidicollis - Anomoea nitidicollis nitidicollis
Species rufifrons - Anomoea rufifrons
Subspecies mutabilis - Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis
Subspecies occidentimutabilis - Anomoea rufifrons occidentimutabilis
Genus Smaragdina
Species militaris - Smaragdina militaris
Subtribe Megalostomina
Genus Coleorozena
Species fulvilabris - Coleorozena fulvilabris
Species lecontii - Coleorozena lecontii
Species pilatei - Coleorozena pilatei
Species vittata - Coleorozena vittata
Genus Coleothorpa
Species axillaris - Coleothorpa axillaris
Subspecies quadratominor - Coleothorpa axillaris quadratominor
Species dominicana - Coleothorpa dominicana
Species vittigera - Coleothorpa vittigera
Genus Coscinoptera
Species aeneipennis - Coscinoptera aeneipennis
Genus Megalostomis
Species dimidiata - Megalostomis dimidiata
Species subfasciata - Megalostomis subfasciata
Species pyropyga - Megalostomis pyropyga
Subtribe Babiina
Genus Babia
Species tetraspilota - Western Babia
Species quadriguttata - Eastern Babia
Subspecies pulla - Babia quadriguttata pulla
Genus Saxinis
Species apicalis - Saxinis apicalis
Species deserticola - Saxinis deserticola
Species knausii - Saxinis knausii
Species omogera - Saxinis omogera
Subspecies omogera - Saxinis omogera omogera
Species saucia - Saxinis saucia
Subspecies bisignata - Saxinis saucia bisignata
Subspecies immaculata - Saxinis saucia immaculata
Subspecies kaibabiae - Saxinis saucia kaibabiae
Subspecies saucia - Saxinis saucia saucia
Species sinuata - Saxinis sinuata
Species sonorensis - Saxinis sonorensis
Genus Urodera
Species crucifera - Urodera crucifera
Species dilaticollis - Urodera dilaticollis
Tribe Cryptocephalini
Genus Lexiphanes
Species mexicanus - Lexiphanes mexicanus
Species guerini - Lexiphanes guerini
Species saponatus - Lexiphanes saponatus
Species teapensis - Lexiphanes teapensis
Subtribe Cryptocephalina
Genus Bassareus
Species areolatus - Bassareus areolatus
Species brunnipes - Bassareus brunnipes
Species clathratus - Bassareus clathratus
Species croceipennis - Bassareus croceipennis
Species detritus - Bassareus detritus
Species formosus - Bassareus formosus
Species lituratus - Bassareus lituratus
Species mammifer - Bassareus mammifer
Genus Cryptocephalus
Species andrewsi - Cryptocephalus andrewsi
Species downiei - Cryptocephalus downiei
Species trizonatus - Cryptocephalus trizonatus
No Taxon Snowi group
Species cribripennis - Cryptocephalus cribripennis
Species simulans - Cryptocephalus simulans
Species snowi - Cryptocephalus snowi
No Taxon Cuneatus group
Species cuneatus - Cryptocephalus cuneatus
Species trivittatus - Cryptocephalus trivittatus
No Taxon Arizonensis group
Species arizonensis - Blue-winged Cryptocephalus
Species nanus - Cryptocephalus nanus
Species nigrocinctus - Cryptocephalus nigrocinctus
Species pallidicinctus - Cryptocephalus pallidicinctus
Species sanguinicollis - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis
Subspecies sanguinicollis - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis sanguinicollis
Subspecies nigerrimus - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis nigerrimus
No Taxon Basalis group
Species basalis - Cryptocephalus basalis
Species binominis - Cryptocephalus binominis
Species mucoreus - Cryptocephalus mucoreus
Species multisignatus - Cryptocephalus multisignatus
Species notatus - Cryptocephalus notatus
Subspecies notatus - Cryptocephalus notatus notatus
Subspecies fulvipennis - Cryptocephalus notatus fulvipennis
Subspecies sellatus - Cryptocephalus notatus sellatus
Species pinicolus - Cryptocephalus pinicolus
Species pubicollis - Cryptocephalus pubicollis
Species pubiventris - Cryptocephalus pubiventris
Species quadruplex - Cryptocephalus quadruplex
No Taxon Cupressi group
Species binotatus - Cryptocephalus binotatus
Species bivius - Cryptocephalus bivius
Species castaneus - Cryptocephalus castaneus
Species cupressi - Cryptocephalus cupressi
Species duryi - Cryptocephalus duryi
Species irroratus - Cryptocephalus irroratus
Species leucomelas - Cryptocephalus leucomelas
Species maccus - Cryptocephalus maccus
Species optimus - Cryptocephalus optimus
Species pseudomaccus - Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus
Species texanus - Cryptocephalus texanus
No Taxon Calidus group
Species albicans - Cryptocephalus albicans
Species aulicus - Cryptocephalus aulicus
Species australobispinus - Cryptocephalus australobispinus
Species bispinus - Cryptocephalus bispinus
Species calidus - Cryptocephalus calidus
Species gibbicollis - Cryptocephalus gibbicollis
Species insertus - Cryptocephalus insertus
Species mutabilis - Cryptocephalus mutabilis
No Taxon Venustus group
Species obsoletus - Cryptocephalus obsoletus
Species venustus - Cryptocephalus venustus
No Taxon Amatus group
Species amatus - Cryptocephalus amatus
Species merus - Cryptocephalus merus
No Taxon Tinctus group
Species falli - Cryptocephalus falli
Species implacidus - Cryptocephalus implacidus
Species lateritius - Cryptocephalus lateritius
Species schreibersii - Cryptocephalus schreibersii
Species striatulus - Cryptocephalus striatulus
Species tinctus - Cryptocephalus tinctus
No Taxon Confluentus group
Species alternans - Cryptocephalus alternans
Species brunneovittatus - Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus
Species cerinus - Cryptocephalus cerinus
Species confluentus - Cryptocephalus confluentus
Species defectus - Cryptocephalus defectus
Species fulguratus - Cryptocephalus fulguratus
Species luteolus - Cryptocephalus luteolus
Species pumilus - Cryptocephalus pumilus
Species spurcus - Cryptocephalus spurcus
No Taxon Quercus group
Species atrofasciatus - Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus
Species quercus - Cryptocephalus quercus
Species umbonatus - Cryptocephalus umbonatus
Species vapidus - Cryptocephalus vapidus
No Taxon Guttulatus group
Species guttulatellus - Cryptocephalus guttulatellus
Species guttulatus - Fourteen-spotted Leaf Beetle
No Taxon Badius group
Species badius - Cryptocephalus badius
Species incertus - Cryptocephalus incertus
Species triundulatus - Cryptocephalus triundulatus
Genus Diachus
Species auratus - Bronze Leaf Beetle
Species chlorizans - Diachus chlorizans
Species subopacus - Diachus subopacus
No Taxon Diachus on c. & w. TX oaks
No Taxon Diachus sp. of southmost TX
Genus Triachus
Species atomus - Triachus atomus
Species cerinus - Triachus cerinus
Species postremus - Triachus postremus
Subtribe Pachybrachina
Genus Griburius
Species equestris - Griburius equestris
Species larvatus - Griburius larvatus
Species lecontii - Griburius lecontii
Species montezuma - Griburius montezuma
Species scutellaris - Griburius scutellaris
Species undetermined - Griburius n. sp. ?
Genus Pachybrachis - Scriptured Leaf Beetles
No Taxon Pubescent Pachys
Species analis - Pachybrachis analis
Species brunneus - Pachybrachis brunneus
Species donneri - Pachybrachis donneri
Species haematodes - Pachybrachis haematodes
Species integratus - Pachybrachis integratus
Species marmoratus - Pachybrachis marmoratus
Species morosus - Pachybrachis morosus
Species thoracicus - Pachybrachis thoracicus
Species uteanus - Pachybrachis uteanus
Species wickhami - Pachybrachis wickhami
Species xanti - Pachybrachis xanti
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (MAQ 3)
No Taxon Yellow Pachys
Species abdominalis - Pachybrachis abdominalis
Species arizonensis - Pachybrachis arizonensis
Species caelatus - Pachybrachis caelatus
Species coloradensis - Pachybrachis coloradensis
Species convictus - Pachybrachis convictus
Species diversus - Pachybrachis diversus
Species immaculatus - Pachybrachis immaculatus
Species jacobyi - Pachybrachis jacobyi
Species macronychus - Pachybrachis macronychus
Species mellitus - Pachybrachis mellitus
Species mercurialis - Pachybrachis mercurialis
Species minor - Pachybrachis minor
Species mitis - Pachybrachis mitis
Species nero - Pachybrachis nero
Species pusillus - Pachybrachis pusillus
Species tacitus - Pachybrachis tacitus
Species xantholucens - Pachybrachis xantholucens
No Taxon Striped Pachys
Species bivittatus - Pachybrachis bivittatus
Species bloxham - Pachybrachis bloxham
Species chester - Pachybrachis chester
Species circumcinctus - Pachybrachis circumcinctus
Species dubiosus - Pachybrachis dubiosus
Species kentuckyensis - Pachybrachis kentuckyensis
Species othonus - Pachybrachis othonus
Subspecies sioux - Pachybrachis othonus sioux
Subspecies pallidipennis - Pachybrachis othonus pallidipennis
Species pawnee - Pachybrachis pawnee
Species picturatus - Pachybrachis picturatus
Species umbraculatus - Pachybrachis umbraculatus
Species vau - Pachybrachis vau
Species virgatus - Pachybrachis virgatus
Species viduatus - Pachybrachis viduatus
No Taxon Black Pachys
Species atomarius - Pachybrachis atomarius
Species californicus - Pachybrachis californicus
Species cruentus - Pachybrachis cruentus
Species dilatatus - Pachybrachis dilatatus
Species newmani - Pachybrachis newmani
Species hybridus - Pachybrachis hybridus
Species luridus - Pachybrachis luridus
Species lustrans - Pachybrachis lustrans
Species marginatus - Pachybrachis marginatus
Species impurus - Pachybrachis impurus
Species nigricornis - Pachybrachis nigricornis
Subspecies difficilis - Pachybrachis nigricornis difficilis
Subspecies autolycus - Pachybrachis nigricornis autolycus
Species pinguescens - Pachybrachis pinguescens
Species praeclarus - Pachybrachis praeclarus
Species pulvinatus - Pachybrachis pulvinatus
Species signatifrons - Pachybrachis signatifrons
Species subfasciatus - Pachybrachis subfasciatus
Species trinotatus - Pachybrachis trinotatus
Species stygicus - Pachybrachis stygicus
Species varians - Pachybrachis varians
Species vulnerosus - Pachybrachis vulnerosus
Species wenzeli - Pachybrachis wenzeli
Species alticola - Pachybrachis alticola
Species brevicollis - Pachybrachis brevicollis
Species brevicornis - Pachybrachis brevicornis
Species bullatus - Pachybrachis bullatus
Species calidus - Pachybrachis calidus
Species cephalicus - Pachybrachis cephalicus
Species chaoticus - Pachybrachis chaoticus
Species deceptor - Pachybrachis deceptor
Species delumbis - Pachybrachis delumbis
Species duryi - Pachybrachis duryi
Species femoratus - Pachybrachis femoratus
Species fortis - Pachybrachis fortis
Species fuscipes - Pachybrachis fuscipes
Subspecies purgatus - Pachybrachis fuscipes purgatus
Species gracilipes - Pachybrachis gracilipes
Species laevis - Pachybrachis laevis
Species hector - Pachybrachis hector
Species hepaticus - Pachybrachis hepaticus
Species latithorax - Pachybrachis latithorax
Species melanostictus - Pachybrachis melanostictus
Species mobilis - Pachybrachis mobilis
Species m-nigrum - Pachybrachis m-nigrum
Species nobilis - Pachybrachis nobilis
Species nunenmacheri - Pachybrachis nunenmacheri
Species obsoletus - Pachybrachis obsoletus
Species peccans - Pachybrachis peccans
Species pectoralis - Pachybrachis pectoralis
Species postfasciatus - Pachybrachis postfasciatus
Species quadratus - Pachybrachis quadratus
Species sanrita - Pachybrachis sanrita
Species signatus - Pachybrachis signatus
Species snowi - Pachybrachis snowi
Species sonorensis - Pachybrachis sonorensis
Species spumarius - Pachybrachis spumarius
Species subvittatus - Pachybrachis subvittatus
Species texanus - Pachybrachis texanus
Species tridens - Pachybrachis tridens
Species turbidus - Pachybrachis turbidus
Species turgidicollis - Pachybrachis turgidicollis
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 2)
No Taxon Pachycrachis sp. (EGR 3)
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 6)
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 19)
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 136)
No Taxon Unidentifed larvae/pupae/eggs