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Wasp? Hornet? - Dielis plumipes - female

Wasp? Hornet? - Dielis plumipes - Female
Great Salt Plains State Park, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, USA
May 19, 2017
Don't remember the size but I believe the flower he's on are typically 1.5-2.5" wide. I thought he was a wasp or hornet but pictures I'm finding don't show such hairy legs and most are yellow, not black like this one has. I do not have a top view. Thanks for any help!


Moved from Dielis. Given the dense, somewhat brown hairs on the pronotum.

Moved from Campsomerinae.

Moved from Campsomeris.

6 abdominal segments = ♀
The range for these two species below, overlaps in Texas and Oklahoma. I'm in favor of the first choice, but I would like a second opinion.

Campsomeris pilipes - (western) - Has vivid-yellow abdominal coloring and the females have mostly white neck hairs. (T3 with a wide band) Both genders may have large yellow spots on the sides of the pronotum. (often missing on the females)
Campsomeris plumipes - (eastern) - Has dull-yellow or off-white abdominal coloring and the females have mostly orange neck hairs. (T3 with a thin or a wide band) This species is very widespread in the east and there are three subspecies/forms.

Moved from ID Request.

Campsomeris, a scoliid wasp. Others may give you a species.

Thanks for posting--and welcome to BugGuide!