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Swamp Cicada - Neotibicen tibicen

Swamp Cicada - Neotibicen tibicen
Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA
August 17, 2007

Moved from Swamp Cicada.

Tibicen chloromerus
The black "collar" (hind border of the pronotum) shows this is either T. chloromerus or T. lyricen. The former is marked with green, the latter with brown or orange. This specimen is marked with green on the pronotum, but the rest of the thorax is brown! I think it is a teneral specimen; as it "colors up" the rest of the thorax will turn black, as in normal T. chloromerus.

Tibicen tibicen
T. chloromerus has recently been synonymized with T. tibicen.

I would agree that this is te
I would agree that this is teneral as a shell was not too much below it suggesting it recently emerged.

Probably a Dog-day Cicada. Tr
Probably a Dog-day Cicada. Try searching.